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Adobe CS4 icon set

I was pissed of trying to make box based icons for the Adobe Suite, and I felt inspired enough to create this new pack...

With a totally original design, much more "flashy" than the other ones, it includes icons for :
-After Effect

Created with Photoshop and Illustrator
Comments are welcomed ;)

Enjoy ! :)
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Bel lavoro! Great Job!
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great work!!! i loved it!!!!
Cool! wouldn't mind seeing a version for 5.5 creative suite including lightroom 4
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I mean, i have cs3 for AE so it'll run on XP, but it doesn't matter... I love the designs♥
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Thx :)

You can easily replace the 'CS4' by a 'CS3', since the .psd file is included in the pack... ;)
Takes only 30 seconds.

Enjoy !
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Ahh. lol it actually came up in winRAR saying that it had an unexpected end of archive, so i only got one PSD, for something. i only got like 3 of the icons. :/
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I love these!! ThankYouu♥
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I'll be grabbing these I think. Thanks :D
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don't 'spose you could create a version for cs5 master collection?
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Dunnow... maybe.. ;)
It depends on what you're expecting me to do...
If you expect a brand new set of icons, then maybe I can find enough time and motivation to reinstall Photoshop and work on it...
If you just want the "CS4" turned into a "CS5" on this actual set, I guess you could do it on your own using the included template. Provided that you have Photoshop, of course.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support :) Truly appreciate.
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specification: i already turned the "CS4" into "CS5" in photoshop, so forget that; what i meant about master collection was adding icons in the same style for premiere pro, incopy, maybe bridge, etc.
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WOAHHH!! I cussed so mush when i saw these! i was like holy (insert cuss word) these are so (insert different cuss word) amazing! such an original idea! love them to hell and back!
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Hi there, love the icons, any chance you can do them for CS5!?!?!
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If by this you mean simply changing the CS4 into a CS5 in the little cloud... well, yes... I think I can handle it :)
But I'm pretty sure you can either, since I've included the template in the archive ;)

Anyway, if you really want me do to it, I can email you the CS5 version... Just give me your adress by sending me a note :)
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very nice. good work.
very flashy indeed
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beautiful colors
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Just like your avatar ;)
Thanks anyway...
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Is it hard to do custom icons for Adobe products?
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Naah... It's not this hard...
You just need a small idea of what you intend to do, and follow your instinct ^^
Just try, try, and try again, and something nice will appear in the end...
These advices seem a little cliché, but I really can't say anything else. :D

For any specific question, just note me, and i'll try to answer asap...
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