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Lara Croft Classic 2018 - XPS DOWNLOAD (updated)

By Pedro-Croft
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New update - March 2018:

New hair reflection, face lightmap and face spec
Gloves with shine, mini bump and metal reflection
Top mini bump edited
Body and backpack with less shine
New backpack, buckle and updated holster

Forgive me for so many updates, I hope this is the last.Sweating a little... 

Lara by: :iconx-n-a:
Hair by: :iconkonradm96:
Holster by: :iconlegendg85:
Desert Eagle by: :iconsadow1213:
Classic sunglasses by: Not-Again!

Optional items:
-Classic sunglasses
-2 Buckles
-2 Backpacks
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rbs250Hobbyist Digital Artist

So cool, thank you!

the sunglasses aren't included?

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They are included as optional items

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VBellezeHobbyist Digital Artist

Belo trabalho, a Lara ficou muito bela

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MadaraAssassinHobbyist General Artist
this mod is used for what game? honestly i dont understand where is this for, im kinda noob at those things xD

but anyway, this looks good, keep it up! :D
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Did you make this model in blender or just xps?

And if so how do you save the model combination as one mesh file?
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Hi! I did it in Xps , the new version is possible! :meow:
It has an option (Export scene as .mesh) that saves the models on the scene, and the bones that contains the same name are merged.
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Thank you haven't been able to get it to work lol but I appreciate your help! :p
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TotallyDeviantLisaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! :3
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SniperGiirlHobbyist Digital Artist
ahh ficou mt massa vei! posta essa pose dela com a lanterna tbm ficou mt top pedro *u*
Pedro-Croft's avatar
Obrigadoo! Isso me dá animo! Vou começar a postar minhas poses *u*
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SniperGiirlHobbyist Digital Artist
posta mesmo eu mesmo acho que usaria bastante pois sou meio preguiçoso pra fazer pose kkkkk mas quando acho alguma pronta eu prefiro renderizar do que posar kkk :D
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Excellent! Clap 
Can you help me with a combination of models, I just want to do the same - to create, please)))
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Thank you!
Oh sure, I try I can help.
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Incredible work!
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Thank you! :meow:
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NCFireBolt21Student Digital Artist
I don't use XNA anymore, but I'd like to applaud you for your efforts, you've made Lara even more gorgeous than she was before! :)
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :hug:
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NCFireBolt21Student Digital Artist
No problems! I was just trying to compare the face of these models with Lara's from the 2013 game and Turning Point trailer... to me, TP trailer Lara is perfection, and the ToO model's face that you've used comes very close to it. Would've loved to have played the game with that Lara's face instead of the one we got
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Excelent work Pedro croft :) i'm glad to see a model by true fan of tomb raider ^^
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Thank you, my dream has always been to edit a template for XNA , and I loved doing it. :heart:
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Thanks! *u*
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