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Or a social one. A type of Murphy's law. Share patterns you actually observed in your life.

I based mine on actual patterns.


Jacobsen's law: when you want to kill time by counting cars of a given colour or walk home and need a lift, barely any cars will pass by. But the moment you decide to cross the road there are suddenly four speeding cars on each lane coming from both sides.

The millennial law: the harder you work, the more you get abused and told you're lazy to spite you into working even harder. It is also done to prevent you from realising your true value as an employee and leaving for a better paid job.

The clown law: the effort you put into impressing your crush is inversely proportional to its result.

Example. I was wearing a suit and saw my crush near the stairs so I straightened my back, put chest out and did a cool, confident walk by. But the end of my belt slipped through the gap between my shirt's buttons and protruded ououtward. With every step it swung wildly from side to side like an exposed, erect penis. Of course, I noticed this only after I did my (f/c)ool walk...

Spiteful genie law: the more you want something, the more the universe will strive to make sure you don't get it. To add salt to the injury you often get it only after you stop caring about it at all.
Known from Monster Hunter where you could spend hours without getting a crucial item. Gamers say the game has a telepathic ability of knowing when you want it and makes sure not to give it to you even though the algorithm is completely random. The game's designer laughs at the notion of a game telepathically knowing your desires but admits he himself went for half an hour at a time without getting the item he needed.

Real life example: my grandma wanted to sing in a local church choir. Tried and tried to get in. Eventually gave up. Then, after she got old, an invite to the choir came through the post. By that time she gave up on it and lost interest in it. Still accepted it though but no longer for ego reasons.
I write down arguments that result in me drawing or writing and pin them on the wall where I often see them. Mark them with a bird every time they work.

If my brain finds another excuse I write a dialogue with myself on a piece of paper where I berate myself for these excusescand counter them until I run out of excuses and get pissed off. It takes away the benefit of forgetting an excuse the fraction of a second you use it.

If there are too many things I want to do at once I use the slot technique. I write 3 numbers and tasks next to them. One big and likely to be posponed. One averagely difficult and time consuming and one quick and small. I am not allowed to do anything unless I clear a slot by doing the task. This triggers so called productive procrastination where I'll avoid doing the bigger things by doing small task after small task. I am allowed to add only the number of tasks I cleared from the list. At any time there can be only three tasks on the list. If the list wears out I start a new one from scratch.

I also use spite. Everytime I think I'll do it tomorrow or in the future I spite myself and do it now. Can trigger productive procrastination which is also good.

Things that I said to myself that have worked for me in order of effectiveness:
"Do not think, do it now". "Do it now you'll have it off your mind for the rest of the day", "this won't taje as much time as you think. You can stop anytime" (I also run a timer and force myself to do the work within that hour or 30 minutes or whatever time I pick). "Impulsively open the file/sketchbook before you manage to get a thought in. Oops, now it's too late. You started working. Might as well try doing work before quitting." "If you do a portion of the work you are allowed to do the household chore your productive procrastination urges you to do instead. If you get fed up with it, come back to art." "Do a warmup first. If it turns out well why woyldn't your big project turn out well as well?" "What does it hurt to try? Just show up at the page. If nothing comes of it, you are free to quit anytime". "And what else do you intend to do?" "Since you already have that idea, why not sketch it out and free your working memory so it stops bugging you?" "Check if you really can't do it by doing it before you start yammering you can't without trying". "You aren't allowed to do your fav actactity like sitting at the computer or get out of bed until you do art". "The more you resist the more necessary/crucial is that scene you resist writing". (Grid with a number of boxes representing the minimum number of pages to write a given day. You are allowed to put an x in a box only once you start a new page. "Moving around paragraphs counts as writing too. At least look through your file!" "You won't take away the chain of drawing/writing every day for which I fought for months, brain! If you think I can't draw it right I will prove you wrong right now by doing it, brain!"

Plus some others I might add later.

How about you?
I heard women prefer men who are easy to please. That could explain why a jock has a better chance of getting the girl than a geek or artist. Of course we are not talking about the obnoxious neckbeard types.

There is also the phenomenon psychologists describe as psychological androgyny found in arists. Male artists are usually more sensitive than nonartists and artist women are more agressive and assertive than their non arist peers.…

Do you think there is something on the feromonal level that makes them see us as not real men or women?

One reason I found for my really bad luck in relationships is that I keep recreating my relationship with my parents in my own. I was confused by being abused and rejected by my father and shaped by my mother rarely being present as she worked nights as a nurse and slept through most of the two days she had to rest after a night shift. So I recreate relationships by seeking out women not interested, unavailable, abusive, narcissistic and toxic, immature etc.

Do you feel your relationships reflect your parents' relationships or yours with them?
Pure black doesn't exist in nature. Use dark purple for shadows. Works like dark brown on skiney tones, likebbrownnon red hair.

Perfectionism got you art blocked? Draw porn. Want it perfect? Who cares, it's porn. Not feeling like drawing it from scratch? Find a challenging pose and reference it. Or trace it and use it to practice a ne2 colouring technique. What if the experiment fails? Or you get proportions wrong? You guessed it. Who cares.


It's better to have one good or great drawing you put your best effort (matching your current skillset) into than a hundred mediocre quickies. Guess which one will have your pride-induced dopamin soaring every time you go back to look at it?

The art you do will always look worse than you imagined but better than you feared it would turn out.

Do watch video tutorials but never think you got it by just watching it. Follow it. Draw along to it. The effect will be the ultimate test to the teacher's teaching abilities. Michael Jordan said geniuses make things look easy. Not all who can do it can teach how to do it. Avoid tuts which tell you "I am now drawing a leg" instead of showing you how to do it. Or give you too much freedom in picking the shape of a face or eye. The result will invariably vary.

Humans stupidly pick the best looking ed results in tuts first. And fail at replicating the end result because the lack tge basic skills or the teacher is the master who can't teach. IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE when I specifically typed "fast/simple/easy/" in front of the query when looking for tutorials and picked the most pleasing thumbnail showing the result of this easy method.

Never break the chain. Draw everyday even if it's a stupid sketch or doodle. Never be fussy about the ideas you get. Once you get too lazy to put it down in a sketchbook it'll either dissap from your memory or block fresh ideas because the mind will spend too much effort on remembering it and pestering you about drawing it.

Don't overwhelm yourself with thinking how much you have to learn. Decide to try a small new thing, pose, tech, etc. In each subsequent drawing. Just one per drawing. Push yourself. I learned Sony Vegas 9 this way within a few weeks. Go to Youtube tutorials every time you're stuck. NEVER WAIT TO START DRAWING UNTIL YOU MAGICALLY GET BETTER. I did and wasted years on stupid perfectionist art block.

The book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron literally saved m6 life and my art by defeating perf3ctionism amongbither things. It's a must read.
With the style in the Darkwing Duck fanart linked in my sig I always experience a rollercoaster of emotions. If I do a rough sketch, I hate it. If I reference the details and lineart it, I love it. When I put down the first values I love it but the next day it looks too flat so I hate it. I put another layer of colour and love it. But then it still looks flat so I hate it and eventually add black only to find I have ruined the whole damn thing forever and I want to crumble it. The next day I add a skintone layer on top of the black and suddenly it's the best thing ever.

I can't learn how to tablet. The notion that it mirrors natural hand movements and the flow of traditionally drawn lines sounds like bollocks to me.

I recently learned to draw more realistic faces with guidelines but found the new faces went from randomly pleasing to 100% japanese robot sex doll uncanny valley. And I hate it.

I want to draw profound, deep, symbollic things and yet what I most enjoy drawing are ample chests, portraits and fanart or monstergirls. Not quite much of a legacy to leave behind.

Perfectionism. If I break the chain of drawing every day it's easier and easier to givw up drawing altogether with each passing day. And it often takes months to go back to it. The sketch of the pic I finished recently was done in 2015.

Even though I know about volume, muscles and skull structure I am better off tracing a pic of a face I really like from a magazine than to draw it by hand ( bc some art teacher said Photoshop distorts values and blurs features).

I hate the fact that the reason I hate linearts I used to love is because I've grown and I can't move on until I redraw them (with my perfectionism commonly referred to as art block it can take years).

And you?


Industrial Antipaladin Pedigri
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"I am thy empire", spectrally whispers the Antipaladin as you approach him, what means in a language long dormant: "Please, tell me, how may I be of service?"

If you happen to seek the ageless counsel of an astrologer, the intuitive wisdom of a numerologist, or a soothing embrace for your spirit and mind, then you have come to the right place, and your pouch won't miss a gold piece, for I am the guardian seeking redemption by leading you through oceans of thorned labirynths until you find your way in life. Fear not, for I always leave paths to choose from instead of showing you the only way...

I am forever thyne.

Current Residence: "I am forever thyne".
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Print preference: Glossy poster
Favourite genre of music: Industrial, Industrial/Electronica, EBM, Industrial-Metal, Power metal, Celtic, Neo-Classical, Anime
Favourite photographer: Well, I like the ancient ones:D
Favourite style of art: Abstract, fantasy, surreal, dark, photomanips, traditional, anime, animations, landscape photos
Operating System: Windows XPerienced.
MP3 player of choice: Winamp rocks the docks
Shell of choice: Shell? A toilet shell? A shotguns shell? If so, I like FN P90 TR and FN Minimi shells...
Wallpaper of choice: Konoko, Jade, Nightelves, Cats, Sunsets, Sunrises, Forest and Waterscapes... I collect wallpapers...
Skin of choice: Tanned...
Favourite cartoon character: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Soul Hunter, Slayers, Record of Loddoss War etc.
Personal Quote: Reality is only for people without imagination
I did a little video where I tried to synch Disney's Frozen's Let it Go scene with the popular Get Jinxed song from League of Legends and tie it with its story.
I hope you'll like it.

I'm struggling to find time to get back into doing art, but I'm definitely going to do it. And I want to combine it with making videos.

Anyway, how have you been? I hope you're doing great.

Best wishes.


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