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Crossprocessing Curve Presets



|What is this?|
This is 11 so-called curve presets, usable with Adobe Photoshop (all recent versions)

The preview shows the effect of the presets in both color and grey scale, landscape and portrait pictures.

|How to Install|
Download the zip-file, and extract anywhere, move the content files to:
C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Curves
or any other location that you have installed Photoshop at.
on mac its Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS5>Presets>Curves
If Photoshop is currently running please restart it.

|How to use|
when the files are well installed, open the image you wish to enhance, create a new adjustment layer for curves, this is the black/white half circle thingey down in the layers panel, or just click CTRL+M (mmmm curves i guess?)

adjustment layer is the preferred option since it allows you to alter the settings later on. Also if you use adjustment layer, you have access to layer blending modes, which can enhance the effect of the preset. (Don't be scared, its not rocket science)

If the effect is too strong, just tone the opacity down.

Have FUN and please enjoy

|Legal info|
You may use this to enhance pictures and the final product anywhere, redistribution is fine too, just don't claim as your own.
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