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I did a cover for pony comics

The next issue of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic from IDW (#20) will be available with this cover, which I drew! It's exclusive to Phoenix Comics and Games in Seattle, and Everfree Northwest. Get it in one of those two places while they last!

Hasbro (I think) requested I change one thing: they wanted Lyra to be reading 'Ponies' instead of 'People.' Which of course kills the joke. Anyway, here, you get the original version.
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I have one of those comics 😀
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Hasbro was smart to ask for the change. That theory is still only fandom interptation of that moment (no matter what it looks like). Cool though.
I do hope you will be able to snag some issues for sale on your swag site.  I saw just one on eBay the other day - for $199.  (Of course, it was autographed, which helps, but still!)
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Happy I got a copy. Hope to see more covers from you in the future. :-)
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Dr. X: Is starting at the Dalek toy .... I am not buying that.
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Why were you chosen over others?
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looool love that reply :')
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I just LOVE "PONE."
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I just went to the Phoenix Comics and Games store in Seattle a couple days ago.  And I finally saw what you did there. :)  Great job, Dana! I am even more proud that I bought a copy at Everfree. :) :)  Thank you so much and keep on going with the great work you do! 
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"The Next-to-Last Unicorn" - magnificent :D
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It has so many things going on. Wish I could get out to those places.
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Very creative! :)
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always like  fan art like this where Mane my little pony characters seem to interact with ponified verrsions of the cast or ponified versions of our human world.
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This is just amazing. OMG! :D
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