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Dana Claire Simpson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Syndicated cartoonist, illustrator, princess of the whole entire internet. Senior staff artist for Everfree Northwest.

Creator of the comic strips "Heavenly Nostrils" and "Ozy and Millie."

Find me on Twitter! I'm @MizDanaClaire personally, and @HevNostrils professionally.
Newspaper launch. Heavenly Nostrils. Spring 2015.

Whew! I’ve been sitting on that information for months.

Every time I’ve had to take time off from the daily strip to work on that, I’ve had to just say I was working on “something big.” Well, this has been it.

There’s more work involved with preparing a launch than I had anticipated, and until we got there, part of me was convinced we wouldn’t. But the launch is scheduled for spring, and the process of selling the strip to newspapers is well underway (and going very well–we topped 50 newspaper sales last week), and I’m now allowed to talk about it.

And I am not good at sitting on this kind of news. It has been a test of my will, not to just tell everyone everything that was happening months ago. Because I am utterly thrilled by this.

I’ve wanted to be a syndicated newspaper cartoonist since I was a kid, and I’ve been actively trying to get there more or less my whole adult life.

The thing about it is, for the newspaper launch, we’re changing the title. Because the marketing department, or whoever it is that makes these decisions, wants to change the title. It’ll be released to newspapers as “Phoebe and Her Unicorn,” the same title as the book. And the changeover on gocomics happens soon: January 1. As of then, the strip is officially called “Phoebe and Her Unicorn: The Heavenly Nostrils Chronicles.”

And I know a bunch of you are going to complain to me about it. To which I say, feel free! Just know it isn’t my decision. And it’s made.

I guess I don’t really have strong feelings about it. I like the title Heavenly Nostrils, but I understand it’s polarizing. (My mom has never liked it.) The reason we called the book Phoebe and Her Unicorn instead of its original title, Heavenly Nostrils, was because Barnes & Noble said they’d buy more copies if we did.

And when we first started, when I pitched the title “Heavenly Nostrils,” my editor said “we can release it online under that title, but when we get to the newspaper launch, they might make us change it.” So, you know, I think it’s a great title, but changing it has never been a dealbreaker.

This is an unusual way to launch a strip. Nigh unprecedented, in fact. As far as I know, no newspaper strip has started as an online-syndicated strip in quite this way, before. Either I’m The Future, or I’m an anomaly. I’m comfortable with either.

Keep calm and unicorn! And if you get the urge, contact your local newspaper and tell them to pick up Phoebe and Her Unicorn.

It’s been an amazing 2014. Let’s make 2015 blow it out of the water.
I love drawing Front Page.

I created her because, once I'd signed on as Everfree NW's staff artist, I was asked to design a flyer that featured a pony carrying a newspaper in her mouth. The pony I drew had glasses, a visor, and a newspaper-page cutie mark. We named her Front Page shortly after that.

Now she's been the mascot for a con and will continue to be part of that con going forward, and she has her own ask tumblr ( and her own theme song, which my band Ruiness just released. She has a personality and a voice.

She was designed for EFNW '13's newspaper theme, but she's also a callback to my own post-college career as a newspaper reporter. If I'd been covering Ponyville, I might never have moved on to other things.
And sometimes I like to just stop and enjoy my good fortune in that regard.



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Wait just a minute....... so Ozy and Millie is getting re-released? Does that mean in colour this time?
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I can’t believe you’re going to Eugene Comic Con (EUCON)! This is sooo awesome!!
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Been a fan ever since The Statesman was smart enough to add your comic.
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In my daydreams, Phoebe and Marigold are members of my crossover dream team "Team Segata" led by Segata Sanshiro 
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Hey. Just found your comic. Love it. :3
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Phoebe and her Unicorn is just a gold. Its strips are shining with enchantment, and very enjoyable. Thank you!
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