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Another image that will be used in the opening sequence to my movie. Fluttershy is not the part of it, because she has sort of a different role than rest of the girls.
I apologize for such small resolution, but that was the one I needed for that specific scene. Maybe I will redraw them bigger once I have some time.
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Where's Fluttershy?  And how would Sunset look?  
I get this weird feeling their clothes are overly wrinkled, like they haven't ironed them in a while, and this is surprising, especially for Rarity.

I am loving the pose and expression on Applejack though.
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You think that's bad? Wait till you see some of my new drawings. The girls's clothes look as if they were taken right from a dumbster, that's how wrinkled they are :D
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Love this art style and the frilly clothes.
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Podoba mi się twój styl :)
Kolejny wach przeczuwam Yoda  hmmmm
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Cute and well-drawn!

Twilight's skirt looks a little extra ruffled around the edges compared to the other girls' skirts; was that deliberate?
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To be honest, I never really thought about it. Twilight was drawn first... the rest of the girls were added much later, so it might be just that. Also, one of my biggest flaws as an artist is that I can't draw cloth-wrinkles all that well. Most of them don't seem to have any reason to be wrinkled the way they are, which is especially visible with these beams of light casted on them. The matter of time and practice I guess.
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ya but why not here ??????????????????
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The description is your friend.
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so pretty aww :hug: =)=)=) <3
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Where's Sunny? And I am still getting my head around the absence of Fluttershy.
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Well, my drawings are kinda specific, because they will be used like illustrations in "TMNT: Out of the Shadows" credit scene, so Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy were not required in this particular image.
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