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Oakentoon #99: On the matter of playing outside

By PeckishOwl
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Some of you have been asking me for more elves - so here you go! :)

Also, I'm happy to inform you that this Saturday we shall be celebrating 100th Episode of the OAKENTOONS!

:squee: :party:

I'm planning something really, really, REALLY special for this occasion and because of that... I'm not intending to spoil this surprise by giving you the details ^v^

So be sure to visit my OakenEmbassy during the weekend for a lot of Oakengoodies!

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Images from "The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / MGM (2013).
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Izvin's avatar
Grounded... Well, that summed it up pretty well. :D
SnowyOwl765's avatar
If he keeps doing this you might as well be in a prison. But I like all the elves, the only thing I don't about Thranduil is is really creepy stare. Hes very intimidating.
fairypower's avatar
About that 'no one leaves' part...13 Dwarves and a Hobbit had managed that.
AuroraBlix's avatar
Yep. You're sorry bastards better clean your rooms and take out the trash next time, eh?
TygrisLily's avatar
Grounded again, yes indeedy :) 
adarkheart's avatar
No wonder Leggy went all ninja style when he left home : he had a lot of steam to blow off. :P
Anele1988's avatar
Aw everyone gets locked up by Thranduil. I guess, looking over a huge dungeon and prison is getting to the elven king. His poor, poor subjects and family. :(
zimaro's avatar
AWSOME!! A day after my B-day is your 100th Oakentoons. YAY!!
cant wait...
Careba's avatar
Heheheh, tis is good. This is really good :P
Tunamau's avatar
I'm not going to miss Saturday ;)
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
Thranduil seemed kinda tired. Living with Legolas must be such a pain! Him being so perfect and so obvious about things and more screen time! Thranduil is bent down and sleepy with jealousy.
IRideAMagicalLadle's avatar
:B the sad part is that it was EXACTLY like that.
Enide-Dear's avatar
Yes, grounded! :XD:
nevermindgirl1970's avatar
La la la la La la la la Explode la plz LOL!TOO FUNNY!!!!!!XD
I love these but where is your OakenEmbassy?  
PeckishOwl's avatar
infamousrun4life's avatar
Aww, poor Leggy-dear and all his elfy friends.
Yeah, Thranduil! You do that! It'll work just fine, don't worry! You won't be marching off to battle in a couple weeksCOUGH WHAT WHO SAID THAT.
Kathyjlarson's avatar
And I thought my mom was strict... Roll Eyes 
Kitt-Otter's avatar
such a grumpy king.
ErinacchiLove's avatar
So basically Saturday's gonna be the best day ever!!!

Also poor Mirkwood Elves~ grounded again xD
tomboysquirrel's avatar
I can't wait to see the 100th oakentoon this Saturday!!!!! :D
Qille's avatar
That last panel killed me
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