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Oakentoon #97: The matchmaker

By PeckishOwl
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You can always trust Gandalf to find you a perfect match, eh? :dummy:

Getting back to THE HOBBIT by Walt Disney Pictures I give you the most sexist Walt Disney song there is, turned and twisted into a...  well. Something else :meow:

I was working on another song from "Mulan" but this one just seemed too good to just skip it!

Therefore I'm pretty sure you know what's coming next ;)

References :sing:

:cd: Gandalf the Matchmaker's song - "Honor To Us All" from "Mulan";
listen to it here: :pointr:…

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Altered lyrics from "Mulan" by Walt Disney Pictures (1998). Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / MGM (2012).
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Izvin's avatar
Bilbo, don't you dare blowing it... You are true talent. 
Serendipity1889's avatar
Perfect beyond words
Violet-Violence's avatar
This made me snerk. And now that song is stuck in my head.
redeads's avatar
Oh my god, this is one of the greatest ones yet!!
Don't blow it tho Bilbo. Seriously.
DarthGojira's avatar
"Why are you giving me a cricket, Gandalf?"
redeads's avatar
I thought they were all just trolling around but then it got super serious at the end and I realized that Gandalf was REALLY matchmaking xD
AuroraBlix's avatar
This was HILARIOUS! Well done!
Cheshire--Fox's avatar
This is so perfect XD
adarkheart's avatar
Not sure if Bilbo is convinced...^^
mineraeldest's avatar
Ok this is just hilarious, these things make my day. I just hope the people in the next room can't hear me laughing and think I'm going crazy. (I'm at work) I look forward to reading one every week. It's become almost a regular part of the week. Kind of like what coffee is to everyone else. This is much better than staying up late and reading 50 at once (what I did when I first discovered oakentoons) J Now I’m forced to pace myself. I think ErinacchiLove has the right idea about the metallic ribs.
kittyrawrrawr's avatar
ObscureSanctuary's avatar
This was one of the best!
BelleIllumina's avatar
Oh my gosh. I sang and laughed and just. AHAHAHAHA...
You my dear are a genius!
tiptah52's avatar
OH. So funny! Sang along to the thing!
ktirsh's avatar
These never fail to make my day! 
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
I can never look at Mulan the same way again... but honestly Bilbo, mess this up and, well, chaos and destruction everywhere, my little Hobbit!
Cyancandy's avatar
Hahahahaaa Kíli's face is so funny xD Great oakentoon :D
Ragamortelar's avatar
SEFUIEHFGWEUIFGHLOWEUIFGTLWIFUGL~ dammit, I was at school when I saw this and I'm sure all the other students (and teachers) had a great time watching me laughing and giggling like an idiot. OMG! 
Vithrirshound's avatar
Wait, your are going to make me wait a whole week for the next bit? Cruel and unusual punishment! I'm not Kili, you know!
PeckishOwl's avatar
My apologies then!
Miss-Merriweather's avatar
Nothing to say against the washing.
However, next time you use the dragon dryer please remember that high-temperature, high-speed drying makes the item shrink. Even. Further.
=P (Razz) 
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