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Oakentoon #96: On the matter of character ...

By PeckishOwl
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Dedicated to all those who are eager to see more character development in the extended edition of "The Desolation of Smaug".

Whatever that means :meow:

Khem khem.

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Images from "The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / MGM (2013).
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Izvin's avatar
How considerate... I can't. :D
Cheapskate77's avatar
I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH I'M NOT GOING TO SHOOT YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE BETWEEN ME AND A TARGET!!!   You know, I can see me doing this!!!   I mean, archery is my life soooo . . . !!!!   This is so cool! I love your oakentoons so much!!
PeckishOwl's avatar
Thank you very much ^ v ^
taroschain's avatar
Who needs character development when you've got a metric butt-ton of elves? Oh Brother...
(One story without elves, is that too much to ask?)
AuroraBlix's avatar
Well... Yeah, pretty much. That's all we really need from Thorin to know that he cares! :D
saltypickle123's avatar
well he didn't really seem too concerned about unleashing a fire breathing dragon on an entire town ...I'd say it's one of his most considerate moments
tiptah52's avatar
Yeah Thorin wasn't the most considerate of guys.
saltypickle123's avatar
indeed :{.....yes I know it's been a year. How you doin' ?
tiptah52's avatar
Ah, Ok. Kinda slow...going through a cold right now.
saltypickle123's avatar
hope you feel better soon
Miss-Merriweather's avatar
Ooooh, it's not as if he had *planned* to let the dragon fly from the mountain.
Come to think of it, he hasn't planned much at all so far... :giggle:
But apart from such minor imprévus, behold in awe how recklessly he does as he chooses and always claims that he is doing his duty for the good of his people.
Now, how cool is that...?
TygrisLily's avatar
perhaps a nick of the ear if he continues to remain in Thorin's shooting line will ensure Bilbo stays out of it in the future? Thorin's certainly enough of a skilled archer.

*wicked grin*
Atsyrc's avatar
LOL poor Bilbo! At least Thorin is caring......maybe XD
Miss-Merriweather's avatar
"Kindly remove yourself from my shooting line..." plus the #majestic glare from the third panel would make a t-shirt design that echoes across the ages...
Il anyone feels like making a printable file of this please let me know - I don't have that kind of tool myself.
TygrisLily's avatar
that would a wonderful t-shirt :) 
adarkheart's avatar
There is indeed an evolution. XD
Szirru's avatar
And so You admit! At some point he did aim at Bilbo, didn't he ^^
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
:XD: How long do you think he'll wait for Bilbo to move? Nice one, Lady P.!
Enide-Dear's avatar
*evil cackling laughter* Personally I'd like to see more devolpment between Thranduil and Smaug....what? A fangirl can dream can't she? :D
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