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Oakentoon #95: Some folk we never forget




Oh Aragorn... if only you'd remember about a certain elf maid in your Fellowship! :facepalm:

Or taken your elvish girlfriend instead of him, mwahahoot!

So here's an Oakentoon about the scene you keep asking me about - Tauriel healing Kili. Didn't expect "The Fellowship of the Ring", eh? Now I have nothing against the whole Tauriel-Kili romance (what happens in the dungeons isn't *that* bad) but up to a point - and that point was the healing scene, a sacrilege in so many ways, at least in my humble opinion - a scene I refuse to accept, a scene I'd like to forget and a scene I shall never forgive.

And the mischievous thought which came into my head then said: "Boromir took three and he didn't even wince!"

But he was a Man of Gondor, not a Descendant of the House of Durin ... :meow:

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Images from "The Fellowship of the Rings" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema (2001).
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Well in Kili's (assuming he is the warrior that took an arrow to the knee that Boromir referenced) defence the arrow he was hit with was coated in poison that was allowed to circulate in his system for at least a day, if not more