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Oakentoon #94: Lecudechesne en flambe

By PeckishOwl
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They must have come down from the Ettenmoors. Did you hear their accents? :o

Getting back to THE HOBBIT by Walt Disney Pictures I give you my favorite Walt Disney song of all times with my favorite language, French, along the way! :dummy:

French-speaking spoiler trolls. Can it get any worse? :facepalm:

And oops-a-Daisy indeed! Daisy and Bungo are missing!

References :sing:

:cd: Trolls' song - "Be our guest" from "Beauty and the Beast";
listen to it here: :pointr:…

Please share how you'd say "enjoy your meal" in your language!
Your humble Peckish Owl is craving to know! ^v^

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Altered lyrics from "Beauty and the Beast" by Walt Disney Pictures (1991). Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / MGM (2012).
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In Slovakia we say "Dobrú chuť.". These trolls, they know how to present their hospitability. I was laughing a lot. 
honestly one of my favourite things ever and has been for some time :D
This is Brilliant!
isfoss86's avatar
"Oh no... you sing as well?" It had me in stitches!

'Enjoy your meal' would be 'Smaklig måltid' in Swedish. :)
DustyWinds's avatar
This is so, so very perfect.
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I could hear them singing!!!! *dies of laughter* And Gandalf... Gandaaaalf!!

Okay, laughter aside, to your question: 'Enjoy your meal' would be 'Buen provecho' in Spanish, and 'Bon profit' in Catalan.
nougatetmephisto's avatar
I lost it at "exiled king en flambée" hahahaha XD this. is. BRILLIANT.
GandalfMetal's avatar
Well for Enjoy your meal? x)
I'd say "Bon appétit" ! I'm French btw haha ^^
Great comic Peckish Owl, it's just perfect! :3. ( I can't stop laughing at Thorin's face during the " exiled king en flambé " part )
love-Nalu-love's avatar
Poor Bilbo, so funny XD Disney will follow him everywhere 8D 
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Very good :D
As for how we say'enjoy your meal', it's something like 'Eet smakelijk', as Mum has decided she's going to be Dutch in Dad's place (Dad's Dutch but Mum isn't at all) :D 'Fill yer gob' works to for us kiwis. 
Nice to meet a fellow bird on here, Peckish Owl!  
redeads's avatar
"Oh no... You sing as well?"
LOL XD Poor Bilbo can't escape the magic of disney.
GambitsObsession's avatar
Enjoy your meal?
Eat tha food an' shut yer face!

Greetings fae Glesga!
PeckishOwl's avatar
Greetings from Poland ^v^

11 XI 
Faerietopia's avatar
These get better and better!
zoogore's avatar
omy my ribs have cracked
adarkheart's avatar
A Troll speaking French... This is a must-see !!! :D
SkyDrops96's avatar
Enjoy your meal?
"Eet smakelijk." I guess...

In Dutch by the way.
I'm obsessed with this now. I love this so much that I'm singing it everywhere I go.
PeckishOwl's avatar
Aww, thank you, that's very nice of you!Hug :happybounce: 
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