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Oakentoon #81: They're over a hundred years old!

By PeckishOwl
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"Excuse me, that’s my mother’s West Farthing crockery, it’s over a hundred years old!"

Well, Mr. Baggins, his #majesty's plates are much older than yours!

But, oh dear, oh dear, what would his poor, old, bearded mother had to say about this?

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Images from "The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug" by Peter Jackson / MGM / Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema (2013).
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Better not find out, right? But I bet it would be something worse than these flames.
Pericynthi-Beth17's avatar
It was a normal day in Erebor . . . and then The Fire Nation attacked!
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hehe i see what you did there ;)
MartinaKruljac's avatar
Majestic Plates....
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When I saw the title my first thought was that scene in Sherlock, the Blind Banker when they're in the museum...Sherlock talking about the skulls being so old XD
Izvin's avatar
Smauglock FTW! :D
IRideAMagicalLadle's avatar
idowwa's avatar
this is awesome
adarkheart's avatar
New menu for X-mas :
Roasted dwarf accompanied with his roasted hobbit.
And do not forget : promotion on plates !
ErinacchiLove's avatar
Ouch, poor plates. No wonder Smaug got pissed off!
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