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Oakentoon #79: Even more blades of Gondolin

By PeckishOwl
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"Abomination, mutations, deviations! That's all you gonna find down here!"

But no cheese.

Sorry, your #majesty.

Sequel to:
:bulletyellow: Oakentoon #16: Blades of Gondolin (:pointr:… ) and
:bulletyellow: Oakentoon #55: More blades of Gondolin (:pointr:… ).

Inspired by the new scene from the extended edition of "AUJ" where the Goblin King is reading an inscription on an elven candlestick.

And the horrible truth is... Orcrist is indeed the creation of United Cutlery. I mean it. See for yourselves: :pointr:….

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema (2012).
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Izvin's avatar
I want some cheese! And their cutlery too.
grisador's avatar
'''' ---->  Made in PRC ? Hmmm .... AH ! ... People's Republic of CHİNA.... Couldn't even Give it Away ! <----- '''

''' --- ....... Just a Couple of Very Cheap Keepsake's !! ---- '''
JeantineHobbit's avatar
That is one HUGE cheese knife.
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
aaah, the great Cheese Knife returnez!
Careba's avatar
Dat cheese knife....I gotta get my self a fancy one like that some day!
WolvesKey's avatar
Bofur's face in the second and last panel! I nearly died laughing from that alone XD
AnathelaRen's avatar
Not just any cutlery either. Elvish cutlery is some of the best. When they say 'stainless steel' they're really not kidding. ;)
GhostyPenguin's avatar
Where do they keep them all?
allonsy-sherlockians's avatar
The most fearsome cutlery in all of Middle-earth!

LadySmugleaf's avatar
lol... return of the cheese knife
AuroraBlix's avatar
C-can't... even... breathe! :lmao:
PriscaOfTheShire's avatar
its like in the extended edition 
"Made in rivendale"
Skarlette8000's avatar
Last panel
I died
Thorin, Bofur and Kili's expressions
Sylvan-Dwelf's avatar
Oh!CURSE YOU!  The elf's silver knifes and forks! Those awesome goblets!Grr.  
I...Time to haul ass out of here! No... Disbelief 

(I'm just in disbelief, that's all)
creepy-ME-fangirl's avatar
Aw, poor Thorin. Why do all these leader figures keep giving him jazz about his cheese kni- I mean, erm, majestic blade. :D
Wolfp3lt's avatar
XD The majestic cheese knife!
ErinacchiLove's avatar
Oh by the Valar xDDD time for Thorin's "I'm-1.000.000%-done-with-this-shit" face^^
adarkheart's avatar
The truth can be pretty cruel...
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