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Oakentoon #65: The Necromancer


"They speak of a Necromancer living in Dol Guldur, a sorcerer who can summon the dead."

... sure you're looking for the right Necromancer, Gandalf? :meow:

And, eek!, he's got an army of Undead Hedgehogs! :ohnoes:

Run for your lives!

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / Warner Bros / MGM / New Line Cinema (2012).
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Gandalf's face in last panel cracks me up every time. By the way, he is the ultimate Necromancer. He managed to brink from death HIMSELF. :laughing:
MagicStars's avatar
I just love the look on Gandalf's face after seeing Sebastian. :D
AlexandraBowmanArt's avatar
clara-01's avatar
Awwwwww, this is the cutest animal ever!!
absmvstars5's avatar
I didn't realize that Sebastian is the necromancer.
Second-Thoughts's avatar
I think Radagast is the Necromancer, because he brought Sebastian back from the dead...
AlrikN's avatar
Gasp! NNOOooo!! Not Undead Hedgehogs! Oh great and powerful Sega have mercy, will you not? :Please: Pray 
redeads's avatar
it's a demon ಠ_ಠ
Kitt-Otter's avatar
AuroraBlix's avatar
What are the hedgehogs going to do? Cute us to death?
Izvin's avatar
Perhaps electrucute... ;)
DarthGojira's avatar
Sebastian! Witch Hedgehog of Angmar! LOL
Azzurgil's avatar
Haha, genius! And it's not even a lie, he ACTUALLY brought the hedgehog back.
Maybe all wizards are somekind of Necromancers in a certain kind of way? Who knows~
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ObscureSanctuary's avatar
lol he's figured it out!
adarkheart's avatar
I prefer the hedgehog undead than dead. He's so cute ! <3
DiamondCrocus's avatar
emjalen's avatar
It's Sebastian!  As far as I'm concerned, hedgehogs rock,  and he stole the show ;) 
infamousrun4life's avatar

N'aaawwwwww, you cute little undead hedgehog, you~ Dangerous? What? Nahhh...


And this is the point at which Gandalf decides to stage an intervention and cut Radagast off.

ErinacchiLove's avatar
Oh my gods xDDD An army of Undead Hedgehogs, now that will be an unforgettable sight to behold!

Gandalf's face in the last panel is epic xD
TheZenPhoenix's avatar
An army of undead hedgehogs!!  :D (Big Grin) 
DarqueJackal's avatar
I knew there was a reason I hated that thing.
yoyonah's avatar
Undead hedgehog, run!
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