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Oakentoon #56: True Story (for orthodox fans)


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Okay, so I've been keeping this Oakentoon for a special occasion and here it is - with a dedication to a Friend of mine - you know what this is about, Your Grumpiness :dummy:

The idea for this Oakentoon was to show how the movie version of "The Hobbit" would look if PJ, bless him!, stuck to the original book. The dialogues from the book are written in Middle-Earth-like font, the rest is traditionally Comic Sans. Hope you'll enjoy it! :cuddle:

You can also see a Russian translation of this Oakentoon conjured up by the team from See it here: :pointr:….

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros / MGM. (2012).
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The sad thing is, that it all propably happened, even to real historic events, and nobody wrote that down.

It's like that guy who was there in the city where Shakespeare himself premiered 'Romeo and Juliet', he even heard from others that there were so many people at some blokes play that they had to stand outside the theatre and wrote into his diary 'unfriendly people, warm weather, small theatres' (well with some words more, but this, in essence, was it).