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Oakentoon #52: His grandfather's bearing


Trolls? Here? They must have come down from the Ettenmoors!

... or Rivendell :shifty:

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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No wonder Melkor was so hellbent on wiping elves out. They are really terrible trolls. :D 
SK-98's avatar
Oh yes, Lord Trollrond xD
AuroraBlix's avatar
And who, exactly, did you mistake him for, Elrond? *raises eyebrow* :D
DarthGojira's avatar
Elrond is the best troll
ThetaKoshei's avatar
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Cheshire--Fox's avatar
XDDDD Elrond's faces!
Pure-Maiden7's avatar
Thorin's face on the second last image! -_- not amused at all!
Nealiel's avatar
Not sure what just happened but all the same it's funny to watch Elrond being cheeky heeeheeeheeee
infamousrun4life's avatar
I think I can actually hear brakes screeching from Gandalf implementing the old Get The Elf To Backpedal Plan.

Also, Elrond's face. In like every frame.
Atsyrc's avatar
Oh dear lord XD
goddesstears's avatar
I like how Elrond squints when he says "and his squint" XD I think he's also going to be dining on a knuckle sandwich tonight. :D
ErinacchiLove's avatar
Lord Trollond is back again xDDDD
SpiritOfNature's avatar
gaubrini's avatar
Well, Rivendell is where Bilbo saw the three trolls arguing
PeckishOwl's avatar
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Soooooo....Who's hungry? Salad anyone?
PeckishOwl's avatar
I feel a bit peckish. A salad would do nicely! :dummy:
IRideAMagicalLadle's avatar
O_O.....................:iconomgextremeplz: THIS WOULD EXPLAIN SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!
You mad genius you!
badlilmunkee's avatar
LOL Thanks so much for the good laugh.... I really needed it today.

Love Thorin's face as Gandalf shushes Elrond. ;P

*G* Love this.
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