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Oakentoon #48: The future


Galadriel is the only elf his #majesty decided to trust - and here you go ;)

Oh, Bilbo, I bet Gandalf forgot to warn you about numerous important issues!

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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I am speechless... :laughing:
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LMAO!!! Yes it is, Mr. Baggins... yes, it is. Towards almost the end that alleged relationship will turn to date rape in the mountains or statutory rape (Thorin is over 190 years old, whereas Bilbo is just in his 30s or 40s; that's a child by dwarf standards).
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*reads it*   *thinks for a minute* oh. XD
redeads's avatar
Yeah, cause that wasn't obvious at all xD
childofdurin's avatar
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THILBO BAGGINSHIELD~!!! :happybounce: La la la la OMG 
Hellopeoplez50's avatar
THILBO BAGGINSHIELD FANS UNITE!!!!!!!!*sees thilbo stuff*Supernatural - Paranoid Dean 
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I agree, Bilbo...I agree!
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar

feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
our alleged relationship!!!!
ashleyjordan's avatar
she saw the wave of ships asailing
AuroraBlix's avatar
You said it, dude, and it's only going to get worse when he finally hugs you...
Pure-Maiden7's avatar
Oh how a single sentence Thorin says can develop in so many ways and st the end of it suggest his and Bilbo's relationship. I'd like to be in Bilbo's shoes.
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She ships them XD
mondays-dusk-noon's avatar
Galadriel~!!! Why didn't you tell him about what bad stuff were gonna happen to you at the battle of the five armies???? :iconyunoguyplz:
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hahahaha He is making a reference to all the fangirls in the world that want them together yes? hahahaha
Mimi-Sardinia's avatar
Galadriel is a shipper.
PeckishOwl's avatar
Shippers are worse than trolls! They strike in the wee small hours when everyone's asleep. Quick and quiet, no screams. Just lots of love.
Lol :D D'aaaaaw, that's so sweet! ^_^
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Too bad Galadriel didn't show Bilbo his future, I guess it's because he doesn't have a beard. XD
Izvin's avatar
Explanation whole world waited for! This solves everything. :rofl:
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