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Oakentoon #37: No help came from the trolls...


An Oakentoon for all Oakenlovers who didn't have the possibility of seeing Peter Jackson's livestream tonight, which included Thranduil spitting words right into Thorin's face. Here's another proof of the fact that, deep down, all elves are trolls ;)

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... :squee: to whom I owe a kidney and a couple of other organs :happybounce:

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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Sorry King Thorin but I think King Thranduil is far more Majestic than you.
Hannya1's avatar
Just like Poland in 1939.  ((Please, don't ban me...))
Izvin's avatar
No.  Elrond is troll, but Thranduil... That is like dozen of levels higher. Ungolianth herself? :XD:
DragonsAddicted's avatar
This is my favorite....
NixieTheBloodyPixie's avatar
I will NEVER see that scene the same way, ever again
FantasyyLover's avatar
Hahaahhahaaha this makes me cry T-T > <
CocoaCutie178's avatar
Thrandy's a b*tch XD
TeddyFB5's avatar
Aagahahahhahahahhahaahajajajahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahahahahaha I.Cried.A lot on this x'D
TakingLiberty's avatar
This explains a lot. 
Moon-Fly's avatar
Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart.... the trolls have none of that

MoralCode's avatar
Zardi's avatar
I think Smaug would have slaughtered the elves just as he did the dwarves, and Thranduil was protecting his people (you know, his job as their king ;) ).

However, this was still hilarious. As usual, you pick the perfect facial expressions for these little scenes.
Hahaha! Ok, despite disliking the movies, I have to say this Thranduil makes it all worth it.
KhadijaAlam's avatar
My favorite Oakentoon EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Faerietopia's avatar
Ah but revenge is a dish served cold. Later Thorin's nephew seduces Thranduil's captain!!!

BeautyAndStrength's avatar
Thranduil, you ass! I'm going to slap some sense into you! 
Kitt-Otter's avatar
Careba's avatar
Ohh his witty comments...I love them!
TygrisLily's avatar
Thranduil missed an opportunity to get his chest of starlight gems back by being an utter asshat - ally w/the Dwarves, slay the dragon & get the chest.  Everyone wins.  
ashleyjordan's avatar
Has he no shame, no honor? Hahah I just love the "pity" as he marches his entire army away
DarthGojira's avatar
It's funny cause it's true. I love how of all the noble and wise elven leaders, Thranduil is the selfish bastard who goes "Whatever" and just throws parties in his palace.
AuroraBlix's avatar
Too fucking funny!
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