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Oakentoon #27: The only one he ever loved

By PeckishOwl
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Richard Armitage once said that Thorin's greatest love was a mystery.

No, it isn't, Richard, no, it ISN'T! :D

And, c'mon, R.A. did admit he was very fond of his horse!

You demand (:pointr:… ) and I deliver! :squee:

I dedicate this unique, Valentine-edition Oakentoon to:


... a faithful Oakenlover who inspired me to create it! :huggle:

And since it's Valentine's Day be sure to share which Middle-Earth character would you like to hug the most or hug a fellow Oakenlover in the comments below! :dummy: :+favlove:

And, yes, this proves that Middle-Earth has a long and proud history of hugging! :D I've included only a few of my favorite ones!

What? You don't know who's Minty the Magnificent? Go ahead, meet her here: :pointr:….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012) and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema (2001-2003).
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Izvin's avatar
Now that is way more preferable definition that all that saccharin lovers stuff... Let's HUG! :hug:
After I cease to maniacally giggle.
salierifemme91's avatar
Ah, it's not V-Day, but who cares! I want a big, girly group hug with Tauriel, Arwen and Eowyn! And then I also want to hug Thorin and Frodo! A kiss from both wouldn't hurt too! ;) 
Malisho's avatar
These are brilliant!
XxBlindXxAngelXx's avatar
oh god the end hilarious
NixieTheBloodyPixie's avatar
Oh Thorin and his Minty...
WhiteOrchidRose's avatar
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar
Wooohooo, hobbit-hugs of all kinds (the Sam and Frodo hug was so sweet, their friendship is just AMAZING) and epic princely bro-hugs and Wizard-hugs and King-hugs and Elf-hugs (Seriously, his freaking face with the "My human" comment, something about it just KILLS me every time I look at it XD) and then.....

That end. THAT END THERE. 

Gosh darnit, Thorin, way to ruin the freaking moment! Bilbo's expression, though, I must admit, was just perfect for accompanying the "Oh Minty..." line XD

Seriously, though, Thorin, try hugging a Hobbit, I've heard it's very therapeutic and you need to de-stress. Preferably try hugging the one who's hugging you back! 
LittleHayseed's avatar
Aragorn looks like he would be a good hugger. As long as he's had a bath and isn't wearing pointy armor.
I'd also like to hug all the Hobbits. Because they're cuddly Hobbits.
And Boromir. Because he always looks like he needs a hug.
And Gandalf. His big robe would be really soft and warm.
And Legolas too. He looks soft. And he probably smells nice.
And Thorin. I feel like he'd give a good squeeze. (Although same thing with the armor.)
I'D HUG 'EM ALL GOSHDARNIT.5 seconds hug 
MysticMyra8's avatar
*face palm* ....that last part
TooFolkRockForThis's avatar
FoxyPika's avatar
"my human.." perfect!

Also I just realized how happy Arwen is there..
JeantineHobbit's avatar
I prefer Thorinty over Bagginshield. Just sayin'
akatsukinoshimo's avatar
"My human..." I just cracked!!
redeads's avatar
Pfft, Thorin's faithful.
Sorrowscoldfrost's avatar
Lol, I love how Aragorn is just like, "My elf!"
And Haldir is like, "My human..." all the while probably thinking, 'why is it touching me?'
ceraperduta's avatar
RinnaMarch's avatar
Thorin: Oh Minty...
Bilbo: :omg-whut: 
Me: LMFAO_icon
DragonDaemoness's avatar
Thranduil all the way!!!!

(Sorry, Thorin, your #majesty )
Ruthless-Olive's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!!
Faerietopia's avatar
So we are saying that Minty the pony is.. is.. um.. yeah!

Darn it Thorin, and then they dare say Kili and Tauriel cannot be....
LoveUniverse's avatar
Greetings from the floor! (literally) LOOOOOOL 
PeckishOwl's avatar
Lua-mesec's avatar
Is it too late to say I'd hug Thorin? I like his manliness. Or should I say his #majesty?
PercyJackson7's avatar
Yep, so I'd like to hug Bilbo most for Valentine's day (even though now it's not) Oh and when I mean Bilbo I mean the YOUNG Bilbo, mind you!

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