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Oakentoon #23: Elfspotting




'Cause his #majesty shines like a beacon...

There's this game I play with my friends during 12 h marathons of extended "Lord of the Rings". It's named ELFSPOTTING (yes, just like "Trainspotting").

The idea of the game is to guess the total number of situations in which Legolas shouts out a name (Goblins! A scout! The Horn of Gondor! Crebains from Dunland!). You have to count these situations during the movies and this is really fun, because we're usually shouting out the current number along with Legolas :D

The person who guessed the number closest to the truth wins! As a price I usually hand out *The Light of Earendil*, which Galadriel gave to Frodo - in my case it's an upside-down 30 W light-bulb :lightbulb:

For people who've already played Elfspotting I make some alterations like: spot all of the situations when Legolas supplies you with a name, not only by shouting it (The Balrog of Morgoth... Lembas bread... It's one of the Mearas...).

I'm sorry but making fun of Legolas is really fun indeed :meow:

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Images from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy by Peter Jackson / New Line Cinema (2001-2003).
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Dear Eru... I must try that game once. Wonder if it can surpass this toon.