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Oakentoon #20: The importance of heirs

By PeckishOwl
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In the last episode Thorin was saying a really warm "thank you" for Elrond's hospitality :pointr:

Unfortunately it turns out fires in Rivendell can be easily dealt with using watery horses and one of the Three Rings :raincloud:

My special thanks go to:


... for creating Trollrond ! :star:

And, yes, that's true, there are more fanfic-romances with Kili than with Fili, so if Thorin falls, Kili shall be the King of the Girly Fanfiction! :flirty:

Don't believe it? Go and check: :pointr:

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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Are you attempting to murder us by causing fits of laugh? 
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What the f* was Kili doing with Arwen?!
Waaaaaaaiiiiiit - After Thorin it will be Thranduil who seizes the throne of Girly Fanfiction Realm, won't he?
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"Lord Trollond"

Emberons's avatar
Oh yeah, thanks!
Emberons's avatar
Love it! Where is the 7th shot from??
PeckishOwl's avatar
The fight with trolls.
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
oooooh fanfics!!  MOAR FANFICS!!!!
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I think Kili is already there on top of Girly fanficts. On the other hand, it cracked me up the innuendo about "practicing archery skills". Makes me wonder WHICH arrow he was using, and with WHO he was practicing...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this goes to faves for sure!
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You know about!?! I have a thorin/fem Bilbo story, and have a tauriel kili one! That's so funny! I love them both! Their hotneds and charm runs in the family. And I'm always looking for a girl to like fili, I don't want him to be lonely ;] ~.~
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Try Sigrid, the oldest daughter of Bard. Some people ship her with Fili.
Jotunchick11's avatar
Yep, that is one of my favorite shippings. They would be great together, not to mention that their relationship would ally the lakemen with the dwarves.
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feathery-blue-otaku's avatar

"All the fanfics will be about ME!!!"
awesome :D
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Kili exactly with WHOM have you been *practicing your archery skills* ahemTaurielahem
DoreynCameron's avatar your toons! haha!!!
Cara-Twilight's avatar
Should I be embarrassed if I said that I can read the runes you put there XD
darthvader1112's avatar
No. I'm currently trying to learn dwarvish (ancient and modern) and the black speech of mordor.
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the runes said : oakentoons the impressive adventures of Thorin the majestic peckishowl deviantart com
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Oh my gosh kili's smile XD
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