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Oakentoon #18: High hopes

By PeckishOwl
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Thorin's stay in Rivendell is turning out to be worse than the tortures in Goblin Town!

I've been hearing rumors that Kili may have a crush on a female elf by the name of Tauriel in "The Desolation of Smaug". And I thought - perhaps he's got a weak spot for all lady-elves, eh? ;)

Title taken from Pink Floyd's "High hopes" and, you know, elves are higher than dwarves and Arwen has a very high status - so it fits perfectly!

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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Light matches perfectly so why not. And Elrond complained about Dúnadan... 
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
I hope he's not killing innocent forest animals!
CocoaCutie178's avatar
If he does, I will be SO disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lua-mesec's avatar
I started to read this today and I must confess this one is my fav so far xD
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
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It's good to know, somebody else thinks, that Kili looks like Aragorn's son. (which would mean, he is hitting on his mother right now,:o (Eek) )
Snotty-Girl's avatar
tegthethird's avatar
Boy, this was prescient.
TygrisLily's avatar
Of course she'll wait - who couldn't? 
Pullipdoll12's avatar
OMsRandomWriter's avatar
Who could ever say no to Kili? He's not even of age yet in the movie verse!
AuroraBlix's avatar
Well, he does kinda look like Aragorn, doesn't he? ;)
NordicLynx's avatar
He does! I think he would be better as a ranger than a dwarf ;)
DarthGojira's avatar
She has a weakness for guys with stubble and longbows
Sailorfan101's avatar
<3 Love this one!
Pericynthi-Beth17's avatar
She says before ditching the half dwarf baby in an orphanage to pursue a career in modeling.
XoXAnimeXoX2's avatar
"I'll think about it"
With other words, she'll run to the very next man she meet (which will be aragorn xD)
ObscureSanctuary's avatar
Kallios's avatar
Yanno, if Thorin ever finds out that Kili has a fetish for elfish women, I can almost guarantee that the poor lad is going to get disowned faster than you can say "racist".

Among other things, of course.
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Shoot some innocent forest creatures :XD: Priceless!
What'll Aragorn do when he finds out Arwen was meeting with a dwarf...? :D
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