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Oakentoon #13: A majestic welcome


And they say dwarves have bad manners!

Sorry, lord Elrond!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Images from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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And that Thorin's face... 
CharieCaphine's avatar
Oh my god, "I'm Elrond, I own this place" - can't un-imagine now him greeting everyone like that in canon Rivendell.
redeads's avatar
"I own this place." xD
CocoaCutie178's avatar
someone's jelly.... o3o
EmbryonicPith's avatar
Well, yes. Yes, it is all his. Muaha. Thorin shall continue to be majestic in my chambers. *creeps away*
ashleyjordan's avatar
It never gets old :iconlaplz:
AuroraBlix's avatar
Yes. Yes it really is...
DarthGojira's avatar
I love seeing Thorin and Elrond together. They're like trying to out-gravitas each each.

"NO, I AM!"
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If I may...what does Majesty mean? like...awesome?
DiamondCrocus's avatar
I'm Elrond (I own this place) Looool
Thorin! Stop stealing all the majesty!
LightningstripeDFTBA's avatar
ohmygod i cant breahthe omg
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"I'm Elrond. I own this place." That bit made me laugh!
WhiteOutArts's avatar
Poor Elrond. Him being my favorite elf I feel genuinly bad for him, sadly no one can escape the #Majesty of Thorin Oakensheild!
Ask-FemKorea's avatar
Finally another Elrond fan :)
WhiteOutArts's avatar
Oh I've always liked Elrond. I find it really funney how he got the blunt of everything.

And it's nice to meet another Elrond fan such as yourself. -tips hat-
Ask-FemKorea's avatar
Nobody seems to listen to him lol. I see him tsundere
WhiteOutArts's avatar
Yes, having read the Silmarillion I think the only person that truly listened to him was Gil-galad, and Celembrombir.

That is of course not counting Gandalf, or Thranduil. They listen to him, but not in the same way....

But... Yeah!
Ask-FemKorea's avatar
I am glad he still has his sons. He raised Aragorn, who is a mortal. Elros and Arwen chose to be mortal, and doesn't Celebrian go off somewhere because of painful memories or something like that?

I just want to hug Elrond and tell him it's alright
WhiteOutArts's avatar
I know! Celebrain leaves because she was shot with an arrow by an orc and poisoned. It was the only way to her at the time because Elrond was fighting with Gil-galad at the time.

Yeah, though I don't know as though he'd approve of that, but I think I'd do it anyways. Like how Aragorn hugged Haldir^^
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