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Oakenstill #7: Brooding Thorin does not approve


My special thanks to:


... for the inspiration :glomp:

And to Ori (:pointr:… ) for making me laugh :D

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Image from "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2012).
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His disbelief is delicious. Your choice of pictures is so spot on, it looks like magic.
Moon-Fly's avatar
...For it is very #Unmajestic to make those horribly gleeful sounds come out of one's mouth. (I think they call it "laughing") 
A-Little-Tea-Rat's avatar
He's so, so ... angst! All the time! :lol: I like it in that one deleted scene where their in the goblins' lair and he just glaring behind the other while Oin and Bofur and Dori are talking and stuff and he's like, "I don't know these people! (mutters) Uh, why did I take such idiots with me?"
Skarlette8000's avatar
And Gloins just like "ooo. he's in for it now"
And Bifurs just like ".....wut?"
LadyLuigi's avatar
Thorin's indignation somehow resembles me a guy's surprise when some friend of his hits on his girlfriend/crush
BlazedStarbon's avatar
This definitely got me searching the film for that shot.
NightmareSkully2412's avatar
Thorin is just like 'You dare have fun in my majestic presence?'
The face of indignation of Thorin is sooooo great, it's kind of: "no one can be happy while I'm majestic!!! Jajajajaj :)
Kotomi15's avatar
Hahaha! XD *adds to favs* <3
TheFlyingBeet's avatar
LOL, he do seems to be really pissed, poor Ori! :rofl:
Goldie4224's avatar
Thorin and the merry dwarves xD
mugglebornprincess's avatar
where did you find this image? i'll admit, i haven't seen the movie 20 times, but i don't remember this particular image. is this when they escaped the goblins or something?
PeckishOwl's avatar
You'll also find this [link] helpful :)
PeckishOwl's avatar
It was a present posted for me at lord Thorin's facebook page: [link]
Thenamesfinn's avatar
LOL! Angry Thorin no likey happy feelings.
kyuzoRAMPAGE's avatar
noooo~!!!my poor ori~!!!
DawnSentinel's avatar
Thorin reminds me of my cat :stare:
Lokiluv728's avatar
Wolfp3lt's avatar
lol xD

He majestically disapproves XD
Mia3301's avatar
the face, the face!!
btw Bifur mistrzem drugiego planu xD
ErinacchiLove's avatar
Oh my gods xDDD cracked up nicely, as always.

Someone should probably inform his majestic grumpyness that a smile every once in a while doesn't kill xD
Purestrongpoem's avatar
Tsk, tsk, you shouldn't be so grumpy.
Orikunie's avatar
ahahahahah :D his majesty should smile more! He's handsome when he does ;)
Thanks for sharing :D
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