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Oakenstill #21: 99th thing you can't do to a dwarf


... they flush themselves, you know.

But shhhhhhhh!

Don't tell the elf!

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Image from "The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug" by Peter Jackson / MGM / New Line Cinema / Warner Bros (2013).
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Don't worry. We won't (elf already knows).
Great! Just great!
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Nobody flushes a Dwarf. Why? Because they back up, and then you're in deep s***.

I never say that word but seriously, look at Thorin's face. He does not want to be looking up at your butt from inside a toilet.

Thank you for this lovely insanity!

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Nobody flushes a dwarf - expect for Bard. He flushed all 13 plus Bilbo. Sort of. Kind of. ... Well, they WERE in his toilet.
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I thought of this during THAT ONE PART in the movie. Nobody flushes a dwarf. XD
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So looking forward to this scene!
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what do you use to make these?
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Different fonts and simple graphic programmes which allow pasting them in :)
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Just rewatched the LOTR trilogy, and the dwarf-tossing joke just never gets old! XD


You have a wonderful mind.

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It's so beautiful!!! :cries:
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So that's how they really escaped from Mirkwood?! Those toilets must be quite large. :XD:
So, what's the 75th thing you can't do to a dwarf? :?
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Can't teach him table manners...
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Ah, that makes sense. Bilbo sees that firsthand, I believe... :XD:
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Don't flush them cause they might "ruin the plumbing"...;)
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O___O that's how they got out?.......Oh my. My opinion of My Lord Thrandizzle's evilness just went up a few thousand notches.
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Why can I just see Gimli saying this some 60 years later?

Its funny
DaydreamingDuma's avatar
Amazing job - AGAIN!
(Isn't Bard aiming his bow at those three in the banner?)
Angelfire400's avatar
I think Bard is aiming at them because their good looks mean competition.  :D (Big Grin) 
DaydreamingDuma's avatar
An of course. Rivalry in Middle-Earth is quite common.
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