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The next recovery girl: Eri chan!!! / BNHA

The Next recovery girl!!!!?????

I think eri's quirk could work very well to heal people... I was thinking so much about grown up eri and What will happen when recovery girl is gone? (Sad but will happen :"c.... right?) so I think... Rewind Quirk can replace it in some future....maybe.... you know.... her quirk reverses a body back to its previous state :D ... so why not? .... But its just my opinion 🙈💕🤣

Btw.... please Keep safe from de virus is out there! ILY SO much!!!! 🙏💕

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Can I ask you if I can use the Eri (BNHA) for one of my comics?

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Love it!

I decided to look around to see if I can find any other images that would go along with this. I managed to find at least a couple. ( if you happen to find the artists Let me know!)

d045f300d36561d6f8fc51b0e02477b4.jpg (563×418) (

cf409617ff82653bdb4d6f110ae8939f.jpg (564×772) (

b679a0828da7a13cfab7358f4a594637.jpg (552×793) (

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eri is soon to be best girl



Wait couldnt eri just rewind recovery girl
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I think you just discovered immortality
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Aww, that's adorable
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Very fitting. Eri can undo People's Damage - similar like Recovery Girl.

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This Is So Able To Work That It's Scary

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This is genius!
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Good. I like the idea that Eri would become the next recovery girl. And I hope she can heal Izuku's arms back to the previous state right before his fight with Muscular.

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I can definitely see this. Also, that outfit fits her a lot!

This makes so much sense. I hope it happens.

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I hope she heals Deku's arms

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perfect future for Eri^^
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that would actually be a very sweet future, nice idea!
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Hehe its just that recovery girl wont last forever QwQ... her quirk is perfect for that
She can if eri rewinds her age
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you know that could very well actually happen
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She should be able to bring people back from the dead

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