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Shouko Todoroki / Shoto Todoroki genderbend BNHA

Genderbends are back xD...
Its time for shoto Todoroki. I didnt know how to name her, but One user on instagram told me: "shouko". and I inmediately loved that name. So here is female Todoroki's version.

I'll try do other characters this way :3.. and well I hope you like it :3
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Look! She is as flat as me!!!! Yay

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to be honest i don't like todoroki as a girl, but the art is amazing

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Omggg she is so cute🥰🥰

when i saw this i was trying to think of a fem name for todo and the first thing that went through my mind was "Shawtona Todoroki" XD i have no fuckin clue

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Oh my God SHE T H I C C!!!!!!!!

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you put the HOT in icy-hot 💕

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She's so HOT!

Just keep on going.

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Icy-hot? Nah, more like HOT AND HOT

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Would she have mommy issues, I wonder?

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Why shouldn't she? After all,

her Mother abused her whole Family - used her Husband only as a Breeding-Stallion, abused her Sisters and her only Brother,

resulting in the Death of her oldest Sister she almost deemed perfect to surpass Miss Almight - only because she herself couldn't do it - and ... ...

Oh wait x'D wrong Universe ^^

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I wonder how a genderbent version of Endeavor would look like, I think it would be an interesting challenge to take.

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There are a few Artworks where there are female Hero's who look amazing with Endeavor's Design and Costume!

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Wait, so if you did a Mineta genderswap, would she still be pervy towards girls or towards bois...???

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Hahah xD... I think mineta is a fujishi and loves handsome boys xD
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Still has daddy issues

ya no es todoriko...sino todarika mameehh.... XD 
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Wow. I like her so much.
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" A Story of Ice and Fire " ? =P
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Ice and Fire...1 smexy lady...

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