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Female Deku / Izuku Midoriya

I just drew Midoriya Izuki female....
I love deku fem with loose hair.. but I think she would tie her hair in fight or training ...
I hope you like it :D.. I really enjoyed to draw this.. Love deku fem....

My hero academia genderbender
Boku no hero academia genderbend
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Izuki is a combination of canon Deku and some female anime protagonists .For example:

*She has the motivation of becoming a hero like male Deku.

*She has the kindness of Hinata, Orihime, and Tohru.

* Izuki and Bakugou (parallel to NaruHina) are childhood friends and like Hinata with Naruto, Izuki admires Bakugou from afar.

*She can be kinda an airhead like Tohru Honda and Orihime Inoue

*She is apart of a calm guy, bad boy love triangle with Todoroki and Bakugou (parallel to Naruto/Hinata/Neji, Kyo/Tohru/Yuki, and Ichigo/Orihime/Ulquiorra).

*If OFA has a healing quirk, Izuki might unlock it which make her similar to Orihime.

*And she can be a crybaby like Sailor Moon and Mama Inko sometimes.

*Her English Voice Actress would be Laura Bailey (Tohru’s VA).

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If Deku was a girl, most of BNH fans would be simps

Yes Can confirm at least one

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Female Deku is soooo cute!💗💕💗💕

She honestly looks amazing 👏

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Something about putting the hair up is just like- power pose for me honestly. She looks calm yet the pose feels like she could kick someone's ass idk maybe I'm just weird.

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Deku looks so buff and strong somehow despite the female build, it's cool. Faved! ; )

Somebody's been reading "PLUS ULTRA: THE GIRL WHO BECAME A HERO!!"...

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There "is" an actual Fanfic named " You've become WHAT?? " or so on YouTube, in which Deku is genderswapped into a Girl due to a Villains Quirk ; ) it's rather adorable.

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I know the yellow ribbon is supposed to represent All Might, but, unf! I  would have done a red ribbon for aesthetic purposes. Lol. And, cool: this is a version of Genderbent Deku I would cosplay~ :iconinloveplz:
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Haha 😂😂ikr! .. I hope to improve :3 .. I'm working hard on it :D... And I'm so happy that you would like to cosplay this OMG!
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Yeah. I would cosplay something like this.
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AAaaahhh! She's so beautiful! :love: :heart: 
Awesome piece!
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Your so sweet! Tysm!
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:blush: You're very welcome!
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I love itSmiley: Heart eyes Smiley: Heart eyes Smiley: Heart eyes Smiley: Heart eyes 
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She looks amazing!^^
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Tysm!!!! 😀💖💖💖😊
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Midoriya ~ AAAAHHHH!!! 
Never thought I'd see one in the wild 
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Awww She looks very cute! You have such a amazing art style. It looks almost identical to the show^^
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Owww!!!!! this really means so much to me!!!! 
Thanks for that!!! Im so happy!!!
Happy Tears|Midoriya Izuku|Boku No Hero Academia 
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Aww you're very welcome! You have such a great talent^^
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Shock Charizard Yami Shocked [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock Eye Zoom Totally Shocking Markiplier Shocked - The Whisper Challenge #5 sam dean  winchester shocked emoticon Link Shocked i just cant hhhh  LazyIcon I wanna use - 11 heart 
Kawaii :3 
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