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a dynamic writing experiment
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mission drift
you say it softly, like
i have cometed off somewhere
like the milky light you stretch me to
is just beyond my reach
and maybe it is, and maybe i am:
you swing the solar system in
but i am only really slung
around the sun of you
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 14 3
well i will have to start sparks in:
lunging from bed by the pointe-toe
crafting each crater out of cool skin
stringing these tight shoulders down.
i can battle with a breath again.
show my body what it’s built for
ask it kindly to stretch out, then,
if it means each moment of the light,
if we know we want to win.
but it’s a might gone mountained
every time we both begin
the cindered work of braving up.
i can nip this at the spine-spin
if i’m cornered by the corpus
but that doesn’t mean it listens
as it tips out at the peak:
when the fierceness lasts a frisson
it’s a wonder i can speak.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 13 4
melody of lamps
from the comfort of your color house
you star to me, i feel it
all the way to streetlights flitting
on the front panes of my own
so i take it in my teeth
to taste the light while i am dreaming
from your breaths i build my own breaths
from your glow i make a home
(what about it being hungry open-
coated in the moonlight when i
love you when you tell me you will
listen if you ask me for a poem so
we promise with the tickets pressed
like silver in our hands.)
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 13 5
If you tell me what you need
I can try to punch right to it
Even though i think we both know
every hit of mine might miss
and you will be gentle and
chalk it up to fluttering, but i still call it
puncture wounds, windstrewn
all over the crosshatched carpet
because I bleed in circles now and
this is what I think my loving you
has made of me:
It is an exercise in being.
And up until now i have always been
More afraid of getting hurt
Than i have been willing to bite down.
But you took a chance on me.
So i want to show you just how much
i’ll try to pierce into when you ask me
To make something out of nothing.
Because when you ring me through
i want it to shape me stronger.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 10 6
a song of near creatures
so may you be brambled
with your woodland wonder:
your heart like a berry
your stories its seeds
dazzling dappled in the
thicket of it all.
yes, this is about
every fleck of you
fawned, in the dearness
of dawn. and you're dancing
your soft step stitches
into daybreak, so it knows
when the night cracks open
and the sun slips through
there's a hopeful kind of (w)hole
and a lustered line of healing
in its lifetime, ripe with love.
darling, when the fall fades in
with all its feeling
you still follow: & in
the half light of the hollow
you make meadows
out of me.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 18 8
bullet on the boulevard
i streak off like a shot
in chicago and no one sees.
this time i pull the leaves
from the strawberry stem
before i swallow.
this time i sit by myself for breakfast
look out into the plaza garden
and listen for your laugh but i
know you won’t be coming up the stairs
until i have come back down them
because that’s how my deep breaths
have drawn back to bite me
in the bigshouldered city.
this time i thought you were the angel queen
of quick changes: i thought you were
the angel queen of changing me.
but i spin circles without you
and make tough meat of my mango slices
and when i walk your walk this morning
it’s because im fucking furious, not because
i’ve always liked your shoes.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 12 8
a tiny bounded world
in which you take
my sore heart in
your fist and crunch it
closed so the pulp pops
out and the wires are
squirming, and in the mash
of that love you tell me
you can see right through me
down to the shaking:
down with the i'm-so-sorry-
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 13 11
when you close your eyes
you start to drift
and in the shadow of that shift
you take, and make from matter
what you know.
and it's a slumbered sort of slowing,
when you focus on that flowing.
you are nosing your way
through pixels, or pages,
or stages of new worlds
even though in this one
you think nothing comes free.
but from the blue word i see you pull
your own path out: and i think that
in itself
is unbounded.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 16 13
And if I'm being honest it's the kind of love
That sure as hell doesn't feel like it. I have been changing
For years and years and you
Have not changed for years
At all. I make you boomerang back
Every once in a while and you still
Call that burden. But I
Am a budding thing.
I think I am growing out of you.
Maybe I
Always was. Maybe I always am
Through our grit teeth. Maybe
I always am prowling your old paths
Every time I crest the hill. Maybe
You'll always have a bone
To pick with me. But the ones
You bite are the ones I
Get to choose now: I won't
Fight you anymore.
When you bark I will sip from the sound what I can
And when it slips down my throat in cold clots
I will think of warm moon blood
instead and I will smile. I will leave
A trail of red kisses all to myself. I will
pour river water into my glass and
taste it till I ache. Then I will take
My swollen bits of body
Just to crush them in the silence
Make a fish face from the quiet
In this downpour I'm defiant
And I will
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 24 12
how am i / to land right on / my feet
so the Bell Rock blue
still throbs in my fingers.
and it shows, in the way
my veins run in rivulets,
in the way they spindle up
my wrist like the pulse of
our Spiral Staircase all the way West
in the Desert. back in August
Junipine lunged for the jugular
and left twists in my throat, so
that in September my blood
would still swirl in the knobs
of my knuckles. funny how
when we think of what stands
scarlet in Sedona we call it
"Canyon" instead of "Plateau"
just to Name it for its negative space.
and funny how when i slammed my
living fist into the dirt so that i
wouldn't clatter off the Cliffside
it hurt in all the empty places.
and that's how i learned
that when you scrap at the Precipice
that's a grapple with God:
in the dip of the dream of the Vortex
my Grip is still slipping.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 13 11
of course my mind
rows back to you, gloss-haired
and green-eyed and glowing,
whole rows of garden growing
at your feet. so i still sneak closer:
in this life i open
the door to your
passenger side and
slip myself in beside you
like i belong there, since,
of course, i know i do. we wind
down laurel-lined streets
and lose ourselves in the finding
of our footsteps. you have
so many honeysuckled things
to say, and your laugh rings out
in the stoplight shine like nothing
ever changed. perhaps the red moon
laps us up and our lives are different.
and perhaps when i make bells of
the way you look at me like that,
all soft and milky, like you won't
forget me for a long while,
it is something very steady
to believe in.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 20 13
old roots new leaves
you could maybe say
that i got lucky.
me, a daisy all my life, heart
throbbed straight down
to the nerve endings, and always
Afraid, and Always afraid. but
lucky. buzzing blinding
all over again, with something
so much bigger than myself. and i promise
I will pull myself up
fire hydrant fierce, all the new lakes
of me waiting to spout
like a geyser, selfish steam
and my prune fingers
ready when you want them.
just another strait I swear
to vault over when it all
comes down right to it, which it
Does, and It does.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 20 6
in the hole i dug myself i am delicate and dark
so stung with self pity
I realize I cannot really Write
anything if i haven't lived. and
i Haven't. because when i choose
Tragedy it is always in the name of quiet.
My silence tramples down the jungle grass,
And in the smudge of summer I keep
Everything to myself. I am still
clenching all my yellow chips
with tight fists. six weak suns
bite through both palms. and i Bleed,
and am proud of the blood. it's so stupid but
I want to be brave at being bad,
To be brave so bad it breaks me, but
i'm not brave or bad or breaking.
i'm just aimless with my aching, and
the Older I Get, the Harder That Is
To Hide. my life crusts over lonely and
i'm limp inside its husk. i really thought
I could make something beautiful of
the way i shake my shadow off, huh. and steal
that star and eat it too. well the joke's
on me. I have turned my air to arrows
and struck myself before anyone else could.
and if that's not the way it works,
then someone fucking show me so.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 24 21
choose and swallow
well i gnawed—this thing down—to the last bit
only en—ded up was—ting my time
so i swa—llowed your ci—ty and spun with it
--------an exquisite way--------of saying i
have gotten good--------at hunting things
and spotting amb--------ered wings in flight
i made prey of--------the song it sings
as hollow as--------a hunter might—and
now i thread--------the words toge—ther
tease these lines--------from thunder strikes—look
streetlight spa--------rrows fill fore—ver
that's just what--------my lightning likes—oh,
i shoot out--------loudboned & lone—ly--------
reach the gods—and kiss a few
(all i real—ly want is on—ly
someone i—can answer to)
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 27 12
there is so much talk in the ways we
don't talk in the ways we / turn towards
each other in the ways i / know you
watch me in the ways i hear you / pick up things
you saw i dropped in the way of / how i waver
and why you ride the waves of it
i am sending light in all directions
all because these things are done to me
and we are the ones we've been waiting for but
you are the one who sees me as a wanting thing
a sea-glass string on the long brown line
you took your metaphor and made it mine
(and i don't
have cheekbones
that fluff off
like yours do
but jesus, i
want to, i
want to)
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 16 6
we make a bruise of everything
baby gave me a paint brush
fuzzed it fresh on the spackle
coated my specks in soft witch hazel
painted worlds from winterbloom
over my rugged summer
so i am in love and i am stupid
wringing the walls out all for the colors
messing with the season just because
you took one look at my sore skin
and wanted something better for it
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 19 13


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