Letchworth east side today. Finished a color roll with the Ondu 6x6 and most of a black and white roll in the Argus C3. We got to the Mount Morris Dam visitor center on the north end. I walked back to the east-side Hogsback overlook. It's the first I've seen it from this side.

Img 20201009 122451 873
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By pearwood
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ThomasPhotoWorksHobbyist Photographer

Can't wait to see what you get with the color film.

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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer

I'll pick it up this afternoon. It was only twenty years past its fresh date. :D

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davincipoppalagHobbyist General Artist

Looks beautiful!

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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer

It's hard to think that in all my years of visiting Letchworth that I had never been to this area.