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2021-174 Over the edge


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2021-174 Over the edge


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2018-261 Ondu 135 by Olympus OM-2

--By camera

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2012-126 As evening falls


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2018-251 Classic Letchworth


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2021-171 Where flowers grow


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2021-174 Over the edge

Landscapes and Trees

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2021-156 Parents and children


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2020-321 The answer is 42


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2021-052 Winter Lent

Around our House

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2014-052 Balm for the soul

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Happiness is a warm puppy. Aww. Yes, there is much sadness in this broken world. Thankfully, the sadness is not the whole story. Despite all our efforts to destroy each other and our environment there remains, by the grace of God, a wealth of beauty and goodness, and even delight. You pause for a moment while shoveling the snow and catch the sun glinting through the snow that still hangs in the air. You stand by the pond in the wood with the fog dripping silence. The sun finds a hole in the overcast and the Autumn forest comes to life. A single p

Around work

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2021-126 Stone of remembering

The Sky's the Limit

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2021-134 Route obscured


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Around Rochester

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2021-157 Holy silence

Rochester Christian Reformed Church

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2020-337 Geese in the shadow of the dam


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2020-054 Shadow play

Cats and Dogs

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2021-171 Where flowers grow

Critters and Flowers

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2020-295 Mount Morris Dam at Letchworth State Park

Bridges and dams

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2021-164 Looking up from the bar

Whimseys and Still Life

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2020-360 A light in a dark place


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2021-041 Snowshoe day

Photos of Me

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2016-172 Opening night at Image City Photo Gallery

Image City Photo Gallery

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2018-178 Humphrey the hump-free alpaca

Adirondack Mountain Club

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2020-321 The answer is 42

Heritage Christian Services

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Weltur Wanderings 2012


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2012-366 Lights of Advent and a New Year

366 for 2012

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2013-365 Amtrak dinner companions

365 for 2013

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2014-305 Arcade and Attica 11 - 1962 - Cars

From the Archives

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2020-315 Six miles and a toe


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