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2021/11/05 My informal contribution to Nina Mrs-Durden's 30 days of art challenge. "Disney"

30 days of art: an all-mediums challenge!Hi guys!As many of you already know, in August @projecteducate hosted a daily art challenge that was meant for all artistic mediums! It was a HUGE success and so much fun to watch you guys come up with creative ideas for each theme. promised, we're here with yet another monthly art challenge for you ! Please carefully read this journal for all the info you need Before getting into the new challenge, I do want to thank everyone who participated, even just for 1 day, in the August challenge: @BlackCloverCreations ; @Pixlhaufen ; @Mouselemur ; @arttrails342 ; @iRPs ; @Triplechoc ; @Subhojit2du ; @Markotxe ; @sufiyan10 ; @SIUCAR ; @psto1464 ; @MeinFragezeichen ; @CapnDeek373 ; @balanuts ; @EYproductions ; @Virgoferra ; @Ejderha-Arts ; @ChimeraDragonfang ; @MaggotsX ; @wolfwoofa ; @MysticSparkleWings ; @PencilframeArt ; @ceystel ; @teddybearcholla ; @Long-Bird ; @dherss ; @furyfyting ; @TheKikkaKibaz ; @ECCpizzacats ; @Lumenox ; @Thystyn ; @DangerouslySlowCat ; @Phodorizi ; @Kloubtz ; @Lotus105 ; @organicvision ; @DerBlaueArtist ; @sirelmy ; @ARTSYAISH ; @BrightsWanderings Kudos to all of you! If you wanna see some highlights and the winners of August's monthly challenge, check out this journal., The ConceptThere are 30 days in the month of November. For this challenge, you are presented with 30 themes: one for every day. The idea is for you to create a piece of art (in any artistic medium of your choice) each day that fits with the theme of that day. However, you do not HAVE to create a piece of art for every single day/theme to partake in the challenge! This is further explained in the prizing section of the journal. You can pick as many or as little days as you want to participate. , The RulesALL ART MUST BE NEW: You must create, post and submit your entry on the same day of the theme it corresponds to. So, on November 1st you would create, post and submit an entry for Theme 1 of this challenge. Following this example: you cannot submit your entry for Theme 1 on November 2nd! That's too late.To submit your entry, leave a comment on this journal with: 1) the name of the theme 2) a link to your entry(yes, this means if you enter the challenge every day, you'll be commenting 30 times on this journal) Your entries must be submitted onto DeviantArt, they cannot be in your The description of your entry (description of the deviation which you fill in when submitting it onto DeviantArt) must include a link to this journal, stating your deviation is an entry to this challenge. Some guidelines...A daily challenge is...well, challenging. I know that, and that's what I'm posting this journal early. You shouldn't begin working on your entries now - that's not fair to other players who will follow the rules. However, you can begin planning in your head, putting together ideas, preparing materials, etc so that you'll be faster on the day of each theme.I don't think it'd be fair for me to say this challenge works on one specific time zone to assess whether someone posted their entry on time. As such, I will try my best to take into account time zones when checking whether someone submitted on time for a day's challenge. If your country isn't listed on your profile page, though, I won't be able to extend this courtesy., The PrizesTo make sure everyone feels incentivised to partake in this challenge, prizing will be random. You have just as much of a chance to win a prize as anyone else....depending on how many entries you submit! I will be counting the amount of entries in total, meaning it doesn't need to be X amount of consecutive days. A random person who submitted an entry for 26 to 30 days will receive a one-year core+ membership OR the equivalent in pointsA random person who submitted an entry for 16 to 25 days will receive 3,000 points A random person who submitted an entry for 6 to 15 days will receive 1 month core+ and 500 points A random person who submitted an entry for 1 to 5 days will receive 250 pointsA random person who submitted at least 1 literature entry will receive 100 points from @MysticSparkleWings You might be it's all about quantity, not quality??? Think again!,To encourage everyone to submit well thought-out and high quality entries (as much as it's possible for a challenge like this), I'll be offering $20 via PayPal to a participant that submitted multiple well executed entries., The Challenge,So, as you can see, there are a few differences from the last challenge! Here is an explanation of what you might be wondering about:DOUBLE POINTS: If you submit an entry for this day, it counts as 2 entries!EXTRA CREDIT: You can submit 2 entries for this day, which will of course also count as 2 entries DAY 11: YOU DECIDE - You still have to create and submit your art on the same day here, but you can pick a theme of your choice!DAY 15: For those who might not know, Squid Game is a Korean TV show that came out this year and became Netflix's most popular shows of all timeDAY 28: For this day, you choose a theme yourself but it must start with the letter N (for example: nostalgia, naked, narcissism, etc)Good Luck!

Disney World monorail station.

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Last post for this evening. I wanted to get these up for the other trip participants.
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