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July 4, 2015
In Between trains - Nov 2011 by pearwood the artist has used every element of the image - from the available light to the exposure to the grain of the film - to create a scene both timeless and haunting. This image stands as testament that a photograph does not have to be polished and buffed to tell a resonant story.
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2011-338 Between trains - Nov 2011

If I had to choose just one photograph by which my photographic legacy would be judged, I think it would be this one.

Union Station, Chicago.

Ilford HP5 400 / D76
Image details
Image size
2441x2441px 4.63 MB
S2 Film Scanner
Date Taken
Dec 1, 2011, 2:28:47 PM
Sensor Size
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autumniulia's avatar

wow! :love:

congratulation for this potrait!

pearwood's avatar

Thank you. One of my all-time favorites.

pulbern's avatar

This one is so great!!!!

pearwood's avatar
Observer14's avatar

Yeah, I'd agree with your "legacy" comment.

Funny... thinking about legacy, I'm wondering what piece of mine that I would want to be remembered by....

pearwood's avatar
I'm not sure I would answer the question the same way not, but neither am I sure I would not.
Observer14's avatar

So, I'm curious... Of the pieces of mine which I've done over time, is there one that you feel like impacted you most deeply... or has that perhaps changed over time and circumstances?

pearwood's avatar

Let me think about that.

PokerMenteur's avatar
There are stories in this picture, bravo

pearwood's avatar

Thanks. I love this one.

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Thank you. I wouldn't know where to start with studio portraits, but I love this sort.
davincipoppalag's avatar
Yea I remember thisone..
pearwood's avatar
A chance portrait. One of my favorites.
nilwilnil's avatar
Nice shot, I like the faded effect. Her expression seems to reflect the title, both can be interpreted with different attitudes.  
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alinacitasci56's avatar
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Thank you. It's one of my top favorites.
pearwood's avatar
Thank you, sir. One of my favorite photographs ever.
charenton-waltz's avatar
Knowledge, wisdom and an untainted soul. Beautiful.
pearwood's avatar
If my photography legacy were to be judged on the basis of one image only, I would want it to be this one.
charenton-waltz's avatar
I am not at all surprised that you feel that way. It is a truly magnificent photograph and one so brilliantly emotive it could grace magazine covers and galleries alike. Great, great work - where the term is used in its most genuine form.
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