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Serpents Of Old OC's: Mara and Tael

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These are characters for the incomparable :iconheserpenty:'s comic.

Mara (on the left) is Tael's (pronounced Tah-eel) mother.

Mara was selected as the mate for a council member due to her appearance and stature (she's quite tall).  Delighted with her good luck, she tried everything to be the best possible wife, exhausting herself cooking and taking care of her husband, who remained cold and selfish.  Eventually she became pregnant with a child.  Her husband became enraged when he realized this, as he had no interest in fathering a child that he would have to look after, and abandoned her to care for herself.

This happened just after Hizruk had been taken, so Mara swallowed her pride and went to Gwen for help.  The two women, who had both had a difficult times became friends, and Gwen became like a second mother to Tael.

Tael is, in the words of Mara, "trouble personified."  Insatiably curious, he regularly brings frogs and odd creatures he finds to Gwen and Mara with an air of great pride, much to Merlock's disgust when he later finds various snails in his house.  He can usually be found knee-deep in some sort of swamp, trying to catch something. 

When Hizruk comes back, he is deeply impressed by him, and constantly tries to show him his treasures (i.e. snails and bugs), much to Hizruk's annoyance.

Is this much interaction with the main characters OK?  I can lessen it if you want if that's a problem.
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CHatterBOx010Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mara and Tael look amazing!!! (I know Mara was redesigned but she still looks great here ^^)

I was wondering, do you think your characters and mine (Charisse and Etzel) would get along? Cuz, I was thinking about it and Charisse is really nice and likes kids (well, she likes everyone, kids included). I don't know if Tael would have been around before she went off to Island School but she'd love babysitting when she gets back for sure (if ever the need arise). And since Mara had a bad history with the Council, Etzel would probably be more than happy to extend his super-secret anti-Council discount to her :XD:
With your permission of course. Like, seriously, if you don't like this idea feel free to say no. I'm not tryna pressure you or anything :)
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Thank you! 

I had to take a look at your characters (shame on me for not looking at them earlier. They're amazing!) and I think Mara would definitely respect Etzel for going out of his way to help her, especially since she hasn't dealt with many selfless people before.  I'd love to have to two of them (maybe) become friends over time.

Charisse taking care of Tael would be adorable if we could get it to work with the timelines! 

Pressuring?  Not at all!  I feel like the SoO. oc's are more realistic if they interact with each other anyway.
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CHatterBOx010Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's great!!! I'm sure we can work out the timeline issue on Charisse and Tael with Serpy's help ^^
As for Etzel and Mara (so excited for that btw :la:) I'll note you sometime next week and we can hash out the details for Serpy (sorry I can't do so sooner, I have a bunch of stuff happening this weekend, so the earliest I'll be able to set down and gather my thoughts on the subject would be Monday, Sunday if I push it).
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Yes! :D

I'm unfortunately going to be away out of wi-fi reach for the next four weeks, so sorry if I can't answer for a while. :(
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CHatterBOx010Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, that's totally fine!! Just reply whenever you have the time/are ready!! :)
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwww!!! So precious! Omg these are great! Lol I actually think Hizruk and Tael would get along REALLY well! ANd I have in my head some scenes where Hizruk will bond with some kids (he has ways with children and animals XD).. now I have one of em' down! And I could probably include Mara in some of Gwynn's marketplace scenes!

I shall meditate on these characters and as per tradition... I will send you a note and tell you what I come up with! I may have to tweak some things to make sure they have a perfect fit in the comic.... but I will make sure to keep their essence and include you every step of the way! It's so exciting to me when people create an OC :D. Thank you so much this makes my day!
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Thanks!  I'm so happy that you think they will work well! *dances around room* 

Feel free to modify them any way you want.  Making characters for your amazing comic is really fun!
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