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Wrath of King Piranha Plant

By pearlzu
I FINALLY GOT IT DONE!!!! Half of this has been done for over a year and has just been lying around screaming "FINISH MEEEEE!"

I finally got around to again this week and I've been working on it for the last couple of days =D I learned two things doing this pic: The atmosphere effect, to make the background look far away, and controled lighting.. which was really hard to keep track of. Crazyness is what it was, dealing with watercolor pencils :O I think I'm finally getting the hang of them though.

To get the bluryish background thing going, which looks a lot better on the original than on here, I colored in the rock texture and with watered down acrylic ink I washed the whole background over. Doing that blured the sharp lines together and gave it a greyish fogged out look, sort of :O

The only Photoshop thing I've done to this was a brush streak of light green to make light look like it's filtering in from the ceiling. I didn't want to try it on the original 'cause I knew I'd probably screw it up.

Yoshi's Island fans will recognize this boss =D This thing had the coolest intro of any of the other bosses, and when it would try to ram into you and hit the wall the vines would coil up and out of the water so snake like! It was so COOL! That game along with Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario RPG are my all time favorite games on any system.

99.9% watercolor pencil babay!

Yoshi and other characters copyright to Nintendo =D
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This was posted way back in 2003?! Dang!!
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I like the boss music for this.
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this drawing brings me back, soo good.
Hi Pearlzu! I allowed myself to use your picture on YouTube with a Reorchestration of the Boss Theme from Yoshi's Island I made. If you're not agree with that, say it and I delete the video ;)

The link:…

Have a nice day ;)
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This was always my favorite boss on the game. Such a fun battle with a kickass boss along with with a badass villain song. Stunning details, & the Naval Piranha Plant looks terrifying.
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he is also the secret boss in world 6
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The funny thing is that you can one hit kill this boss by standing at the edge of the doorway and shooting an egg at it. The Kamek will come in and say 'OH MY!' and you win the level without fighting the boss.

Plus, technically this boss is named Naval Piranha.

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:icone-hplz: It explodes my head with its awesome! Those rocks must've been a real pain!
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Lol that exploding head is so gross XD
Yeah, those rocks were a beast to paint. I remember it taking forever.
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well, it was worth the time! great job! it's made it into my premium art collection!
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Bad friggin ass! I think I wanna replay Yoshi's Island now! ...and possibly one of the hacks...
That is a big Piranha Plant, nice.
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Super cool and great job too
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Congratulations, you are number 4 on the top 100 artists list with the theme plants but this can change good luck.
ErnestoVladimir's avatar
A fucking masterpiece *kneels*
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One of my favorite bosses
JMasterR0ck's avatar
<3 it
r3sP3ct m4n!
thx f0r this 4wwwesome sh1t!
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This was the time I learned that Nintendo could be more scary than Resident Evil.
Joshuakoopa's avatar
Ninteno made resident evil
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