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[Fanmade] Sans and Papyrus AU Sprites REVAMP (V1)

By Pearlymint
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Welp, here we go again. I figured since I'm actually stalking in the background, why not make something that I can actually post?

That's when this was born. I figured since I got so much better at spriting, I could remake some of these sprites? And so I did. The result? Improvement. Lots of it, too!

So here we have the skele-brothers and what I think are the three "main" AUs (two excluding Undertale itself): Undertale, Underfell, and Underswap.

Chances are, I might omit or add a couple new ones that I haven't done yet, so if there is any particular Undertale AU you have in mind, then drop it in the comments! That is all. Have a wonderful day, peeps!

Undertale, Sans, Papyrus (c) Toby Fox
Underfell (c) Doomyz
Underswap (c) Popcornpr1nc3 (Forgive me if I got the numerals wrong. :p)
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Apparently only those in the swap universe have eyebrows. :D