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Update links

Sat Mar 18, 2017, 5:12 PM

Open for Art Commission
Please contact  here

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 11:48 PM

Hello everyone, I have finally decided to start Patreon.
 Please feel free to learn more about details and upcoming projects on the website.


I'm back ^^

Thu Mar 12, 2015, 6:04 AM
Hello everyone! 

Thank you so much for your wishes on my Birthday and I'm sorry that I have absent for very long time!
I was very busy and I decided to choose to follow my dream and what I love the most.
I will be slowly uploading new artwork that I have been doing since last year under my name "Lilac" ( Lilaccu)"
I always appreciate your support and I wouldn't come this far without your encouragement.
Also I will make a new entry soon for my upcoming comic project soon. I hope you will be looking forward to it!

^-^ Have a good day!

Twitter  Tumblr Pixiv

Artstation and etc.

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 11:05 AM

Hello everyone.
I would like to update links and gallery.

Take care : )
Have a good day!

Hello everyone. : )

I would like to update some information here.
According from my previous journal,  Intuos 5 has already been sold.

Second, this is a special news about Free Tutoring : I may not have much time, but I decided to open -free- short personal tutoring for anything that you are interested in my artwork style.
I have received so many questions and request. I would like to help and share my knowledge I have learnt and experience. : ) I also need to learn more and practice more. But I would like to do my best to support everyone who loves to draw. ^^ It's always difficult but nothing is impossible. Unfortunately, I can only take two people for now. If you are interested please comment me with answers for following questions; 

Reason why you want to be an artist?:
What is your goal?:
(Extra) ; ) : What is the colour of the sky ( in your opinion) ?:

For commission, thank you for your support and interest I would like to inform that the spots for sketch commissions are full, so it's closed at the present.
If you are interest in commissioning me as personal use, I open depending on the details and specific styles. : ) Just send me a note or email.
For contract commission and business use, please contact via email :

Finally, I appreciate your visiting, comments  <3
If you have any question about anything that related about art style or techniques, feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help.

Please take care!


Commission and Selling my Intuos 5

Fri Mar 28, 2014, 3:38 PM

Hello everyone,

I hope you doing well. Thank you so much for visiting and your comments.
It has been awhile since my last journal. I've been working and learning hard to advance my skills. Honestly, it has been so busy with my current situation in Canada. As you know that I tried to adapt my style as well since I moved here. Finally in last few months, I quite managed to deal with situation and able to keep on working with what I actually aim for. It's risky but we have to fight right?! : ) Soon, I'm going to release my brand new portfolio and I hope you are looking forward to it.

Selling my Intuos 5
I decided to upgrade my work tablet as well, so I will sell my Intuos 5 if anyone is interested in it, please note me. : ) Original box and all accessory with extra wireless kit is also included.

I also open commission for digital sketch style.  Please feel free to contact me about the price details and any question.
For any information about other kind of commissions, and for client's contract commission etc. Contact me via note or email :

Finally, I always appreciate your support. It's more than word I can say to you. I'm sorry I couldn't reply respond all of your comments but I will try to be active in here more. <3

Have a great day.  : ) 


Thank you very much!

Sun Sep 29, 2013, 9:33 PM

Hello everyone,

How are you? I hope you all doing fine. ^^ 
Recently, I'm very very busy and it's even more than before.
However my injured is getting much better, although it's still about 95% , the glare and blur is decreasing a lots from last month, and it's because I'm getting used to it as well so I almost forgot the difference.
Thank you so much again for your concern about it. I'm really sorry that I didn't have time to be active and respond like before.
But I'm working hard and now I'm trying to catch up all the commission work and company projects. Please forgive me for such a delay. I feel guilty and all the time I remind myself that I have to work harder and produce the best work for you. Especially right now, the incident about my eye has changed my aspects so much. 

Finally, thank you so much again for your support in anything!
If you have anything please feel free to send me a note any time! 

Take care ^^

Be careful !

Tue Aug 20, 2013, 6:45 AM

Hi everyone,

How are you! Thank you so much for visiting though I haven't had a chance to update anything much recently, but I will soon! 

Also, such a multiple accidents could happen on one day! I'm naturally a clumsy person but this time... ( > < ; )
On Friday, in the morning I fell on the bath tub and smacked my butt!! In the afternoon, I accidentally got right eye inquiry and the vision was blurred and unable to focus. My eye was swollen and teared up all the time. It was so hurt like needle piercing because I got cut on the lens of my cornea part ( the black part ). Moreover, I was so concerned about my eye sight too. Then later that day I tripped on subway's stair and twisted my right ankle. ( T _ T ). I came back home and exhausted. My eye was too sensitive on the light so I had to wear sun glasses that evening and the entire next day. Thank you so much Layla for again taking care of me ! I'm getting better until yesterday I was so happy that my right eye can see clear and focus again! It made me realize that I should be more careful especially my eyes... It's the most important part for drawing.
Right now, my right eye is healing and it seems to be alright, but I just can't imagine what would I do if it didn't recover... that would be the worst nightmare for everything especially for drawing...that I love the most. Now I really appreciate that my vision is fine and I will work even harder and be more careful. I hope it's fully recovered soon so that I can draw and continue all the work!

Have a great day and be careful !! 

Hi !

After such a busy moving to Toronto, and because I have so many things !! ( especially books > <; lol) it took awhile to organize everything. Finally, It is going well and settled! ^^= It was very fun but exhausted. I'm still excited to learn more about the city since we plan to live here for awhile. It has been almost 3 years since I moved to Canada, I can't believe how fast time passed by and every step forward is like adventure. ^O^ My girlfriend Layla, and I are trying to explore around the city and the neighbourhood area, it's very nice here and we are so happy how lucky we chose this apartment. We live in 12th floor and the scene scape looks amazing, since we can see the sunset everyday ! Apparently our cat "Teddy" is so happy as well. ( She loves to look out from the windows, but we have to lock her inside because she would jump down! )

Update about artwork - on-list commissions, kiriban and etc.
I eventually found the solution of the problem about tablet, also I have just finished settled in the desk and working area in my new apartment. ^^ I apologize for such a big delaying, but here I am! I'm ready to continue everything now, please don't worry. I'm sorry again for this inconvenient situation. > <

Decision about the style and future plan
As you can see I have various styles work, ^^ because I really enjoy experiencing different styles. Eventually, I came to realize which style I most passionate about, and I will keep it constable this time! ^ ^= You will see it from my future work. ^O^ Also I have new plan for future project and many things to update. I will save this for later then! 
I hope you look forward to them! 

Take care!


Wed May 22, 2013, 10:49 AM

Hello everyone!!

I'm really sorry I have absent for awhile, I'm currently very very busy from work and especially moving process to new apartment.
I don't have time to respond anything but please wait a bit within next month - July I will have a huge updates includes all process of commissions etc..!
Again I really apologize for slow responding, I hope you know that I have read and I will get back soon! ^^

Any specific question, please feel free to contact via Note directly or my email -
Thank you very much!! > <

Take care!

Thank you very much for DD!

Fri Apr 26, 2013, 8:08 AM

^^ Hello everyone,

I'm sorry I'm very busy lately, I haven't had time to respond much and keep up anything. T_T 
Because we have to move to new apartment so there are many things I have to manage with..
But I'm doing well for the client work and the commissions are still on going. ^^ 
( But I'm really sorry that I'm slow, once everything is done after moving I promise it will be alright and I will hurrying keep it up!!)

However, thank you so much for always checking my page and work!!
Specially today, my friend just told me because I didn't realize until now that one of my work got DD.

^^ Thank you very much :iconpolymune: for the DD for my work !! I really appreciate it. Thank you again!

<3 <3 <3

I hope you are doing well. ^^ Take care of yourself,
 any question please feel free to contact me via note or email :

Thank you ! and please listen to it

Fri Mar 15, 2013, 10:33 AM

Hello everyone.  ^ ^

:bulletblue: First of all, I want to share a beautiful soundtrack for you. I just love this one for long time and always love it the most from all over soundtrack I've listened. I'm sure it's also one of your favourite too.
I hope it's at least make you smile. ^ ^

>> Listen here  :heart:
"To Zanarkand" orchestra version : Final Fantasy X * ( I didn't submit the video - credit the owner ) I'm actually a fan of old classic Final Fantasy more than recent ones, when I was very young my mind was blown away with such a beautiful world of this game series. Though I don't have time to play many of them in passing years. I still love their concept arts and soundtracks.

:bulletblue: Secondly, thank you so much for visiting and reading my journals.
I don't have much time to reply many comments but I will do whenever I have time!
So please know that I didn't mean to ignore or don't care. I read everything. ^o^

Thank you for your support like giving me feedback for each artwork and encouragement that keep me going on. I said it many time but I still want to tell you again that I'm grateful just a single favorite you clicked on my work or even just viewing them.
I'm very happy.

:bulletblue: Finally, I hope you wouldn't mind checking my Tumblr too. I'm sorry that it's quite messy there lol but I will organize them better. I decided to post more sketches wip and stuff like tutorials there since everyone told me to be active in Tumblr instead, and it's more convenient to check the updates than other places.

     :bulletorange: My website
     :bulletorange: My twitter
     :bulletorange: My facebook
     :bulletorange: Contact me for anything : )

Take care and I hope you like the soundtrack as well!

Hi there!

How are you all? I hope you are fine for what you are doing right now.  ^ ^
I have many updates today.

:bulletorange: New website
My brand new website please check it out here
I will also update blog there consistently instead of other old blogs. ^ - ^
( In the future I will add tutorials and secret project!? too. )

:bulletorange: Commission and new price list (Spring 2013) (full/closed)
(To view the price list please contact me ^o^ )
New list with new prices and all important information for personal use or clients. Commission is currently opening for line art, digital greyscale and colour illustration & concepts, traditional painting in watercolour or acrylic/oils as well.
< Please feel free to contact via email : or note on DA.  >

Slots status :Full :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletorange: Shipping for previous line art commissions (the end of 2012)
The original pieces will be shipped and provided the information within next week. ^ ^

:bulletorange: Still updating the list of free painting programs.
From  the previous journal here, I will keep updating and if you have any suggestion please comment there! ^ ^

Thank you very much for visiting and comments.
Take care and have a good day.

Hi there, finally! I've done all folio for institution!
My routine and work ethics is back again ! Yeah.
I really apologize for my absent.. T_T
I will catch up everything as soon as possible.

- - - - - -

This journal I decided to make it helpful. (hopefully)  ^^
If you like to paint digitally, it doesn't matter what program you are using.
As long as it is functional enough for you, and you enjoy painting when you use it. ^^

I love to try all painting programs, it's like exploring!
Though we already know that Photoshop, Painter and Sai are great, but there are free ones
that good enough to create artwork as beautiful as those programs. ^^
Many times that I randomly posted about them but this time I want to collect them all here!
So it will be convenient for you all to check and compare them.
What I can say is that I'm grateful and appreciate those creators who spent their time and hard working and share them to us.

That's why I want to support and share them to you all!
I will keep updating when there is any new information :)

:bulletblue:Alchemy recommended by AnotherDamian
[ So many concept artists use it ]
The coolest one ! It's very good for creating thumbnails and concepts.

:bulletblue:(Awesome painting apps by Bitbof)
Webchemy  Similar to Alchemy! but on web !!
Kleki Simple but great I tried and oh my it's really good, working along well with Webchemy
Doodler Love this one!! Good for practicing ^^ Check it out.

[ Sample work - Dean Holdeen, Korean concept artist… ]
I personally love this one. It's really good and there are various brushes that work for manga/comic, concept design, illustration painting. (The new version 1.1 will release soon for Wins. ^^)

[ Sample work - Tyson Tan… ]
One of the best out here. ^^ You have to check it out. It's just released last year!

Always good! ^^ I'm sure you have heard about it before.
This Gimp features are more similar to Photoshop. ^^
More info and tuts

:bulletblue:Autodesk Sketchbook Express… (Mac)
:bulletblue:Autodesk Sketchbook Copic (Wins / Mac )
This one I guarantee, it's very good. Handy and clean interface.

:bulletblue:Fire Alpaca
I'm in love with this program. ^^ Try it and you will know.

:bulletblue:Open Canvas 1.1
[Sample work - Randis… ]
One of my most favourite, and the first program I've ever used!

(Pen pressure for Oekaki J tablet )

:bulletblue:Chibi Paint
[ Sample work - Viki-vaki oekaki-na-smoczym.deviantart.c… ]
Simple and if you are a fan of SAI & Oekaki style ^^ Here is it!

:bulletblue:Oekaki Shi-Painter 1.114…
[ Sample work - Megan… ]
This is one of the most favourite tool when I started painting digital. ^^
Though it's very old but it's still powerful in my opinion. You can paint from simple pixel to cg work

:bulletblue:  Graphics Gale</u>
For pixel artist <3 The best here ^^

:bulletblue: Grafx2 recommended by 008AE6
[ Sample work… ]
Designed exactly for pixel artist and has lots of specific features. For example, transparency and shading tools use colors order in palette instead of color coordinates.
Since last year it has pixel animation features too.

:bulletblue: Aseprite  recommended by 008AE6
[ Sample work ]
It's perfect for game sprites. Tons of features you need and you don't. Interface had some bugs and some features haven't been implemented when i used it
(it was something like alpha-version, i think,and they should be fixed now)

:bulletblue:Silk Recommended by DkDevil
Really cool ambient painting!

:bulletblue:Gravity Swarm…  recommended by DkDevil
Creating some cool effect. ^^

:bulletblue:Neonflames…  recommended by Pricechi
Creating cool effects.

:bulletblue:Texter</u>…  recommended by Pricechi
Paint with text ;)

:bulletblue:Ink Scape
Similar to Adobe Illustrator. Good for vector stuff.  recommended by Pricechi

:bulletblue:Sumo Paint
My friends use it alots for sketching ^^ Everyone who has tried said so!

:bulletblue: Twisted Brush
Alternative one ^^

:bulletblue: Pixia… recommended by Hakuryn
[ Sample work… ]

:bulletblue: Dogwaffle  recommended by Hakuryn
[ Sample work… ]

- - -

Let me know your opinion  if you like any of them or  you have some good programs to share please let us know!
( I will update into the journal ) ;)

Good luck and take care !

" Art gives us a chance to express our feeling. When we paint and enjoy it. Sometime we just forget about how we feel and concern too much on something else.
So it would be nice right? if we can feel that fun again. "

FAQ : )

Fri Feb 15, 2013, 7:57 AM

Hello everyone,

How are you? ^ ^
This journal I will dedicate to F.A.Q.  that I've received via notes and emails frequently. : )
They are like repeatedly inquiries so it's better to make it clear here ! ^_^
I hope  they are helpful and there are the answers for you if you have any question about them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"What program that you use mostly?"
answer I love to try all programs, but I often use Photoshop and CorelPainter. Paint tool Sai, Illust Studio, Sketchbook pro, Open Canvas and Artrage are also helpful and I used them sometimes depending on the work.If you are interested in some programs that are free and cool. Gimp, Krita and MyPaint are really good. My Korean friend who is a professional concept artist use MyPaint for most of his work.

"What tablet are you using?"
answer I use Intuos 5 recently. But Bamboos are also good as well. Cintiq? it's good for accelerating process of the work because it feels natural like we paint in traditional, however if you get used to normal tablets, you don't need it at all. I know many professional artists use Intuos and they can create work as good as the artists who use Cintiq. : )

"What major that you've studied?" "How did you learn to draw or paint?"
answer I've graduated from Fine and Applied Arts faculty, basically it's visual art not concept art or illustration. I've got gold medal and first honor prize in traditional painting major like drawing, water and oil colours, but there was no digital media or techniques related at all. However, I love to explore all styles of art and I personally admire illustration, fantasy comics and manga animation so I started drawing since I was very young. Although I've not drawn them when I was attending to the University for 4 years. After I graduated I decided to draw them again and tried to advance the styles. So in conclusion I was self-studied for everything I was interested in. :) I remember that I actually started realistic drawing when I was in public school and  using Photoshop for adjusting and Open Canvas for painting since I was in first year in high school. : )

"I've seen you work on many styles. Do you actually like realistic or manga/cartoon style more?"
answer I love them all! For me realistic style is comfortable and stable because the work is needed to be studied and observation. Studying from real life or photo observation are very fun. For manga style I think it's also need basics like anatomy or value and colour theory, but I feel challenge to have such a freedom to create something that is exist in real world. It maybe seems easier than realistic style but from my experience, it's very difficult as well to capture the characters like how to make them pretty or tough. ^^

"How long you spend for painting each day?"
answer I actually never count how many hours I'm painting. All day I think that I try to work on the painting, and also for studying that mostly trash them later lol.

"Is it difficult to be an artist?"
answer It's like a painful path and I think every career has its own difficulties and obstacles. But I love to do it so I keep fighting. ^ ^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Contact :
Twitter :

Updates 2013

Sun Jan 6, 2013, 8:48 AM

Hello everyone and  Happy New Year !!

(^_^) How are you ?
I hope you had the wonderful time for holidays.
I have many things to let you know, I hope it's not too much information. > <;

I used up my bad lucks at the end of 2012 !

Unfortunately after my tablet was broken, my bad luck was still going on. ( T_T)
About a few days before Christmas day, I started to get a severe pulsing pain and sour all over my left upper leg and back. It was hurtful enough to wake me up entire night. Especially, when I tried to use my leg to stand or sit, it was killing me. Then I realized later that It was caused by my bad position when I was sitting while I was painting. Sometimes I was focusing on work too much and forgot to set my body correctly. The muscle that I've got the problem is called " Sartorius " The result was I had to lay down on the bed and work on commission with that uncomfortable position. :,(
It's unbelievable that this happened to me, but I'm getting better now after medical care and resting.
So I want to suggest and warn you all now, whoever working for long time with computer, please be careful and set your position correctly or else you would end up get this crazy paint like me.

However, my bad luck was still there!!! Usually, I have no problem at all for food allergy. Sea food is my favourite one, but this year I don't know what was going on but I've got allergic to it!!!
I think it was shrimps that put me into a trouble. While I was so depressed with injured muscle, there was rash as well and it was itchy all over my body!! It was such a exhausted experience to face both of problems in the same time, and I was so sad since it was my favourite holiday time.
But other things else were good ^^; except the store nearby that normally they will hold my package mails for my apartment - a present package that my friend sent to me was being held in the store because it was closing through the holidays and I couldn't receive my package.
It turned out that the day that it opened, the package was shipped back for return policy!!! T____T
(I'm so sorry if you have read it here now and thank you so much for present though I have not received it but I appreciate it.)

So these are all things that they were just happened through the end of December 2012.
I hope that 2013 I don't have to deal with any bad lucks anymore since I've got them all already!! lol

Moving to Toronto!

Ok, last time I've updated about I was moving to Canada, this time it's not that far ! Because Layla and I will be moving to Toronto this summer. ^^; I'm already worried about all the stuffs we have to do. Especially, the small hill of my books and materials !! T_T; I hope everything will be going well and I'll update about this more in the future.

Updates about commission & tablet

Thank you so much for all of your interests in commissioning and everyone who has commissioned me. I really appreciate and it's more than words could describe. Your supports and trusts in me,I'm so grateful. All the current commissions on list and projects for both digital and traditional media that I have accepted earlier, I'm working my best on them normally so please don't be worry. ^^

Also I want to let you know that I have got a new tablet as well. Thank you for special supports ; Layla, Delk and Travis. As well as from everyone who helped me from commissions. Thank you very much from my whole heart. I decided to get Wacom Intuos 5 since it's only version now I could find in the store.

Finally, it's 2013 now. I wish this year will be one of our best years.
Wish you all happiness and successful! Good luck for everything!


Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you so much for your supports. I really appreciate it, and it's more than words to describe how grateful I am. (  ^ _ ^ = )
Also for the birthday wishes and presents, I'm delightful !!!

Christmas is coming so does the New year celebration. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and joyful time.
For anyone that still has to do work and busy ( like myself lol), please take some time to rest and spend with your family. ^^
The most special part of holiday is giving you happiness and sharing to others. Anything you do as long as it makes you and everyone around you happy please do!!
I don't have any physical present to give you but I hope that I can share this feeling to you.

Teddy was soooo happy with her Santa outfit so she hissed and grinned all the time lol and ( though she looks like The Grinch more lol )

Please take care of yourself and enjoy your days.
( ^ v ^ = )

My tablet just passed away last night !
R.I.P. My Intuos tablet. (T _ T )

Firstly, I apologize for current commissions who have waited for my work. I hope you understand and please wait a little bit. Once I get it I will immediately continue all the work. T_T
After we have worked together for long , last night my tablet is silently not working anymore.
It kept getting disconnected sometimes and the light was on and off unstably. Then I tried to push the plug hard to to keep it stay.
But... this time nothing working and no sign of any light on. So I tired again and changed between 2 plugs and etc. (in hope that it would work....)
Unfortunately, It's just gone..  Nooooooooooooooo!!!
However, it has been almost 5 years for hard working. I'ts my first tablet and I used it for practice and work until now.
It's a bit sad though it is just a tool without life. But without this tablet I wouldn't have painted since that time. ( ;  _  ; )
I've used him so much recently for all the work and commissions every day so I understand why.
He has been working for the best of me. Thank you so much for everything. Good bye.!/tidaksd/media…

Therefore, at the present I don't have tablet to use so I decided to open temporarily Line art commission go towards buying a new one.
The Line art style will be traditional detailed one not sketch and similar to these and you can check more…  in my gallery.

<< - Closed - Full >> ^ _ ^ Thank you so much for supporting. I appreciate it so much!!

Nymph by Pearlpencil Elemental Summoner - Elf- by Pearlpencil Rhythm of Sorrow -My Fav- by Pearlpencil Aesthia -practice work- by Pearlpencil
Brandeis Blue by Pearlpencil The Vajra Nymph by Pearlpencil L a s t - S h o t by Pearlpencil   Frozen by Pearlpencil

:star: :iconcolletteturner: :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :iconhythrain: 2 pieces :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :iconlittleug: 2 pieces :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :iconlittleriyu: :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :iconluxiosis: :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :icontsubaki-ai: :bulletgreen: (paid) done
:star: :icontseng-akera:  :bulletgreen: (paid)
:star: :iconkoike-sama:
:star: :iconzemesouvien: :bulletgreen: (paid)

If you are interested,
Please contact me via notes or email here :
Thank you very much in advance. ^^

Finally, I would like to special thank my dear Layla :iconlaylasan: and  my sweet friend :icondlk001: for help supporting me directly.
I'm really grateful and it means so much to me. Thank you very much again.

Please read - Thank you so much ^^

Sat Nov 24, 2012, 3:50 PM
To everyone who have supported me until now.
For all every fav+ comments watched featured and commissions,
Please know that I'm really grateful and there is more than a word to describe this.
I'm sorry that I don't have time to respond much like before.
But  I really appreciate it. <3 ^_^
- - -

I'm still working hard to improve and compete with myself.
I've learnt so much from many people I knew recently.
^^ I think we should realize that we are doing what we love and we should be happy.
Please don't compare yourself to anyone but your own.
As long as we are improving from what we were, it means we are closer to the goal.
I wish you all good luck and I hope you are doing well for what you do.
I'm cheering you ! Let's do our best.

Have a good day!
Take care of yourself.

- - -

Commission contact  :
:damphyr:  :facebook: :twitter: :blog: :tumblr:

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Updates about commission.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 9:57 AM

Hello there,

At the present, I'm almost finish the current commissions.
I'm sorry for the delaying due to I'm so busy and I'm trying to improve the level of my work in the same time.
I've repainted 2 of commission because I don't satisfy so it took up times for this as well. I hope you understand it.
I'm doing my best now and I hope you know that I'd feel so guilty if I didn't do it well enough.

About Commission - Open ? When?

I've got many notes about commission and asked if I will open again and when.
So here I would like to make it clarify here.

- I will still accept depending on the ideas and styles of the work.
( when I open again in the future but I have no idea yet, I will announce here in the Journal so you can feel free to send your idea of commission to me. Then I will let you know that I will accept or not)
But I apologize and I decided to close it a bit awhile now and I couldn't accept every work at this time.

I hope you understand it. :)

Thank you so much !