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Manga Brush Line - for Photoshop

Hi everyone, ^^

This time is different from usual because it's not a picture but it is a Inking brush Line for Adobe Photoshop ( Free download --> )
I've just re-modified it for more similar of traditional way.

I do understand that many people have to face problem about "Line" like me and many people asked about it ( that PS doesn't have cool Inking brush comparing with Paint Tool Sai ) This one may be different, but it's one of my favorite brush that I used all the time.

I hope you try and like it :)
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After tweaking it a bit, this brush is super fun!

Screenshot (1319)
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Hey I love that drawing <3 What did you tweak in the settings ? :>

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I changed the brush tip shape, texture constrast, and decrease the size jitters!

Thanks buddy

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Thank for sharing

i like you brush, thanks a lot

Screenshot 34
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Thanks you, God bless

It's just what I needed.


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thank you for the brush!

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Hi, I was frustrated trying some manga art. I am new to digital tools. Thanks for this.

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thank u!!! i love this brush so much

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