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How to blend colours and Smudge brush for download

Simple techniques to blend colours in Photoshop

As for many inquiries and requests from notes and comments, here is ^^ I tried to make it as simple as I can. If you don't understand any part or have a trouble, feel free to ask!

::: Addition ::: Download Smudge brush - from Download File [link]

How to put Smudge brush to tool present
* It will be in [Tool Present] when you choose Smudge tool *

At the top right of [Tool Present] window >> Present Manager > Load Tool Presents (.tpl) file

- - - -

Basic Painting Brushes - Photoshop

Colour Swatch
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can't download it, could you please reupload it if possible?
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It's downloadable as I've checked, please try again!
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thank you for this!!
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thanks this is what i have been looking for :D
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People with Painttool Sai have it so easy when it comes to blending! Thanks for the tutorial on photoshop.
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This will help alot, thanks! :D
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why doesn't anyone use mix brush for blending? to mee that's the best way
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thanks bunches :D
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Thank you for sharing this!
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I just use the Color Blender Brush Tool <_< is that only on CS5? o.O
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this is really useful!
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I didn't know about that sample size option, thanks.
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thank you for this it help me a lot!
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wow! i'ma try this one! thank you!
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Very useful!! thanks!
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