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Under Construction

Group status by PrimalInstincts

Upcoming Events

- Front page and journal recoding
- Spooktacular Octoberfest



Group Dragon Uploads

Over the next few days you'll probably see some dragons labeled as "Group Dragons" being uploaded. These are going to be dragons credited by the admins to help fill the void that RNG often leaves us with! XDD Consider it an admin balancing act so there is a chance for members to breed and own every color that they wish to have. Be it right now or in the future.

The dragons we credit will be based on the total number of ACCEPTED DESIGNS in the group currently.
All designs have been tallied and those colors and markings with the fewest existing designs will be turned into these group dragons.

Feel free to include them in stories or art to help them earn trust and gold!! Breedings will be given away as group prizes.


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Happy Christmas Everyone!

Decided to drop our Christmas Pearls early for those of you who sent in your free imports on time! :love:


Introducing the Summoning Circle!

The Winter Solstice has arrived and it appears that things once hidden, have now been revealed...
Pearl Dragons: Summoning Circle - CLOSED by PrimalInstincts

The Summoning Circle has awoken!
This powerful place holds great power and potential connections to over worlds. It's rumored that leaving your elemental gems in this spot yields great rewards if you dare to enter the center....
Just try not to disturb the water X'D

The Summoning Circle is only active 2 Real Life days out of the year!
So taken advantage of it while it lasts as the power that lingers here will vanish on the 22nd.

Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~Eastern Dragon  Pixel: Pixel Emoticon Spyro - Orb Blue Pixel: Pixel Emoticon Spyro - Orb yellow Pixel: Pixel Emoticon Spyro - Orb Red Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~Western Dragon

How the Summoning Circle works

  • The Summoning circle cuts the costs of summoning dragons by half.
  • It typically costs 25 Gems to summon a basic dragon with your gems, using the circle it only costs 13 Gems.
  • It typically costs 50 Gems to summon a dragon of medium strength, using the circle it only costs 25 Gems.
  • It typically costs 75 Gems to summon a dragon of advanced strength, using the circle it only costs 38 Gems.
  • It typically costs 100 Gems to summon a Master Dragon, using the circle it only costs 50 Gems.
  • It typically costs 150 Gems to summon a dragon of Legendary strength, using the circle it only costs 75 Gems.
The circle is only active for 2 real life days in the year. To take advantage of it, you must comment on the image itself within that 24 hour period.
Your summoned beast will be revealed the following day....


Just a heads up guys since time FLIES fast so it seems!!

Please be sure toe go to the google form linked below to import your own holiday dragon without any charge! Takes just a few seconds to fill out to get your own special marked or coated baby. ^.^



Getting a jump on things :D

So, wanting to get ahead of the game as well as give our newbies more time to respond, we're starting out Holiday events EARLY EARLY this year!! Now let me be honest, I hate it when I start seeing Christmas things before Thanksgiving but wanting to give our designers more time to crank out our give away dragons...we're starting it earlier this year X'D

For more info on our upcoming fun please go here!




So anyone remember out little Easter Egg hunt event? Yeah? No?
Well for those of you who DON'T, one of the 4 eggs was never found....UNTIL NOW!!! :la:

Congrats to Aislein for finding the FINAL little eggie!!!
As promised, the little darling picked up some extra markings and bonus features since she's been roaming about for so long :giggle:

Pearl Dragon Easter Hunt - Dragon 1 by PrimalInstincts

Wrapping up Spoopy!

So with October behind us all the spoops are returning to their secret lairs and cob webby filled hideaways til next year X3 The new markings will be added to the RNG rollers so should anyone wish to try their luck at getting one, you still can!! However Candy Corn horns are going to disappear until next year.


Gems that were hidden around for Spooktober are still lingering about and if you find one, you can still claim them!
 If you have already been finding gems YOU NEED TO LOG THEM.
Primal is a stupid and I didn't have the spreadsheet up yet for it so I have NOT LOGGED THEM! If you know how many you found PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASSEE comment or note the group and tell me!

I WILL be keeping up with them from NOW ON!
Feel free to track them on your dragons pages as well however if you are hunting for them more traditionally.



Something Spoopy this way Comes!

September has been whizzing by (partially thanks to traveling and hurricanes for me) but I wanted to drop another little note to let everyone know that for MOST of the month of October, we will be hosting some fun little Halloween events! : D

So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming shenanigans and general fun ^^ Halloween is one of our favorite holidays so of COURSE we are going to go all out and be crazy x3



Changes coming! Group updates and Progress

Just a heads up to everyone that big change are on the way ^^ Most of these changes being visual as I have talked to a few coders about making the front page gorgeous!! We HAVE raised enough points to make the group super and that will happen as soon as we get the front page and journals coded. Until then, we'll have to continue being lame and boring as far as decorations go XDD
We DO have a new icon thanks in part to Monstrenumeriques!!

I DO plan on doing something for Halloween as it is, by far, the best holiday. Hopefully some of you will like to partake in our festivities!! Until then, stay scaley ;D


PS - I have finally moved into a grown up job with regular hours! This leaves my weekends completely free and open to work on Pearl things and answer questions ^.^


Future Events: The missing egg

Somehow the months keep slipping away from me guys >< Dunno how that happens!
Anyways, as it turns out one of the eggs from the Easter Event was Never Found!!

So, I'm thinking this little lost baby may become a returning prize for an event but each time it's not found, another marking or something special happens to it.
Sound fun? ; D I think so. <3

Other than that, I'm still working on balancing all my groups with my work schedule. It's tricky but I can only promise my best <3
Hope you guys are all well! I'll try and get another event cranked out soon.


April Event ahoy!

Have plans of launching an April Event for you guys assuming anyone is interested?
It's been pretty quiet around here so I'm not sure if everyone is just busy or if something else is going on? :lmao:

Group is ready to go SUPER! Just waiting on some coding to be completed so when we do, the page gets a gorgeous new make over :la:

But on the horizon? We have a new monthly prompt and Event :D Hopefully you guys take advantage of it!



The Christmas Dragons are IN!

Only like...2 months late but they are HERE!!
Everyone who entered the free event should have received a dragon, tagging you in the description! If you can't find your beastie, check them out in our new folder:

~*Event Dragons*~

Thank you again to all our gift givers who made several peoples dragons even more special this year. ;D

Keep your eyes out for a smaller (more manageable event) for Easter as well as continued group improvements as I get my Tax Refund in the mail X'DD
There is a new monthly challenge up with a trophy you can win for your dragon as well as extra gold!

Keep in mind the group is still having a mini fundraiser! You can snatch up pairs of rare dragons for nearly half the normal cost ;D



Mini Fundraiser!

Hey guys!!
So I realized the other day we are WICKED close to having enough points to upgrade the group to super! :nuu:

SO! Because of this, we hare having a little flash fundraiser to try and get those last few points!! If you're interested in the sale, you can find out what the packages are here:

Pearl Dragon Group - Uncommon Support Package by PearlAdmin  Pearl Dragon Group - Exotic Support Package by PearlAdmin

Both packages gets the buyer TWO dragons with markings and the gender of your choice.
Both packages offer a MEGA discount for what you're getting so check them out if you have some spare points ;D




Sorry for the Absence!

Sorry for the slowness guys and general absence in the group guys ><
For those of you who watch me privately, you'll know for the last month I've been in the process of moving. All of my horses and other farm babies are finally at the new house and the bulk of the work (mostly outside labor) has been completed. The problem now is that I'm one of two keyholders left at my store so I'm working 5-6 days a week right now x.x

75% of the Christmas pearls are done! Just working on getting the last ones completed so we can post them all at once ^^
I beg that you all stay a little more patient with me! I have a lot of things still planned for the group <3




Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Guys!!

Don't fret, we're all still here!
Your free Christmas designs are on there way, I promise. I, myself, am battling a week long sickness that keeps me from doing anything that requires concentration. DX
BUT we have no forgotten you and they WILL be done ASAP <3

In the meantime, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your new year!



Group Grand Opening!

Welcome to the world of Pearl Dragons!

A tiny side project inspired by a random bit of designing, welcome to our little group!
Pearl Dragons are small, domesticated Dragons known for their obsessive love for unnatural pearls that only they can find. Overly protective of their little gems, they are also known for digging up a plethora of other treasures and loot for owners they come to trust and love.

They come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns as they are considered to be very high end, designer pets.
We hope you find them as adorably charming as we do and join us!!

If you're still lost on where to begin, check out our Home Page with all the Need to Know
In the mean time PLEASE Excuse the mess!! Things are liable to change as we get set up and started!
More Journal Entries










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