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Twisted Magic

A pony I claimed on one of ~fuzzylittlekitty's pictures. XD I decided to make her the second in command for the Alamorian Mystic Guard. (The commander is an oc of ~Kinslayer023 and brother to my Sapphire Rush, Twin Sparks.) The black part near her horn is to protect from any type of spell the would cut it or brake it. Sorry for her cutie mark looking like that XD I messed up on it.


Name: Twisted Magic
Profession: Second in Command of The Alamorian Mystic Guard
Age: 24
Abilities: Very talented in illusion magic, loves to read, Love to take walks around the borders
Personality: Quiet, studies people, knowledgeable, can be a bit too much at times
Background: She was born in Alamorian like many others. She knows little about the history of the place, but trys her best to pretend she does. She and Twin Sparks tend to bud heads more then her and Sapphire Rush.
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