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Eirtakon: The After Sale

For those who couldn't go to Eirtakon (or missed my table altogether, durr hurr hurr!) I still have some prints and charms for sale.

Finn and Fish Issue 1: please check out the details on my blog here. thingummythoughts.blogspot.com… If you'd like a copy, please note me here or just send an email. :)

Eirtakon: 11 Hetalia Charms by peannlui

My Hetalia charms are €2 each, but you can get a trio or a mix of 3 for €5, and a mix of 5 for €7. :nod:

Eirtakon Print: Metrotalia by peannlui Eirtakon Print: China by peannlui

My colour prints are €8 each, considering the time and ink debacle I had over making them. :XD:

Eirtakon Print 1: Rei by peannlui

My Rei Instrumentalite print is €5. I have a Black and White Naruto print, but once I reprint it properly, I'll offer it for sale here.

NOTE ME if you would like to buy something, and I'll organise everything from there.

I prefer Paypal, but if you want to arrange another method of payment please ask in a note. :)

Postage - I will be using An Post to send stuff.

Standard Postage to Irish / Northern Ireland addresses (A4 Envelope): 95c Registered: €5.25
Standard post to United Kingdom and Worldwide (A4 envelope): €1.50 Registered: €5.75
* Still have to work out the postage for small packets so bear with me! :p

Stay tuned for updates and shizz! :p (aka Touhou Stickers and that Naruto print I mentioned)

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For the Hetalia charms... Are they jewelry charms or phone charms?
Either way, I must save money... I has a strong need for them. XD