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Fairy Tail: Gray Fullbuster beach mode

Photographer: :iconmimixum:
Model: :iconpeamstunk:
Water ''splasher'': :iconbloodberrypie:

So we had a Fairy Tail beach photoshoot the last week and this is the result of of me!
Check out :iconshiroiaisu: for a Virgo bikini mode if you want to see that aswell or just go to :iconmimixum: if you would prefer a Jellal beach version!
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Your a beautiful Gray
Incredibly cute
Lady-Redpool's avatar
Did you use your normal hair, or a wig? If it's a wig, where did you get it from?
Felshrimp's avatar
wow...just wow!
maztoul's avatar
magnifique, et vous les cheveux et le maquillage est sexy.
Peamstunk's avatar
I dont speak french but I understood what you said!
kuroikurama's avatar
I think you look amazing!!! gray!
Peamstunk's avatar
Thank you so much!
MetalWarriorKS's avatar
Very cool - and great idea to use those water splash effects, quite effective.
I'm just wondering about the trouser - I expected a black one with a chain from waist to pocket or so. However, besides that, it looks pretty cool! :D
Peamstunk's avatar
Well, he doesnt really have it when he goes swimming but its a good point! Hmm, will think about it next time! Thank you~
MetalWarriorKS's avatar
Ah OK, I'm new to Fairy Tail, so I just know Gray in his trouser (which, by the way, happens to change in length frequently... almost magically ;O)
Sorry then, no offence ment - I gotta watch some more episodes :D
Peamstunk's avatar
Haha, no offense taken! ^^ He isnt in a bathing outfit for a long while but I like the idea so I will implement it later ;)
I know??! Like, everything changes about him </3 The necklace, the scars, the hair and nivperbgiprwebgeprhi I hate him almost as much as I love him.
MetalWarriorKS's avatar
Haha, yeah that's true, he's quite a chamaeleon!
Anyway, I like him! Just... I keep my fingers crossed for Natsu when they're going crazy and letting loose on each other :D
Peamstunk's avatar
Hahaha, Watch OVA 3 ;)
Peamstunk's avatar
I take that as a compliment Cx
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BRING IT YOU PERVERTED SNOWMAN, I'M ALL FIRED UP. ((i'll be cosplaying natsu. SO FUN!!!))
Peamstunk's avatar
Haha, I figured out as much ;)
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