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Oct 30 update done
quick link to site: One story posted ... "Her Own Strength" ... Halloween themed. One pic added the story "Futility". Next update: Will obviously be the Nov 4/5 stories. I'll be uploading the grid sometime on Nov 2. Note: since the goal is to hit the timezones as each one reaches 'midnight on the fifth' (which is when V escaped Larkhill; when he met Evey; when Parliament fell; when V finally took down Sutler and Creedy; and when Evey 'lost' V), that means that for many, the postings will begin on the fourth. Oh, and something else. If you have a Joann Fabrics store near you, you migh
Oct 12 update done
Quick link to site: One story posted ... "From Fairies, and the Tempters of the Night" ... Halloween themed. Three pics added to Wednesday's gallery ... one on her second page, and she has now started a third page. Also, one went into "God,V" Next update: (Fair warning, I'm typing this while on Benadryl.) I'm down to one more story for Halloween, and two more for Nov 4/5. And I'm about 1/3 of the way through all the proofing for Nov 4/5. My plan is to do that second Halloween one next, and put it up sometime around next weekend. And on Nov 1, I think I'll put up the grid for Nov 4/5 aw
Oct 2 update
Quicklink ... One story posted ... "The Flow of the Water" ... this one's adult. Next update: Ok, *now* I'm going to go do that first of the two Halloween stories and this time I freakin' mean it (shaking fist at self). Technically I first need to do another one for November, but assume that the next normal update will have a Halloween theme. Basically, between now and all those Nov 4/5 midnights, I have three Nov ones to finish, and I'd like to do at least two with Halloween as the background. This, basically, is what I have to juggle for this month. I do have a lot of stuff planned to


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T-T I just got to the place where there's no more 'Next's. and only a 'Prev.' at the bottom of the screen.
Isn't there gonna be anymore?
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ewigestudentinHobbyist Digital Artist
Have you found all of peahopeless's stories at last? All 179 of them? I hope you did :) The whole series is really stunning.
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Indeed I did! ^u^ Is it weird n that something just as simple as a fanfiction can change your life? The way you look at people and think of things (like, say time, faithfulness, and socks? ^-^) 'Cause that's what if feels like it did.
After I read them (WILL THERE EVER BE MORE? And how on earth were they written? By one person? How was there such a bountiful source of inspiration for the plethora?), I have never desired to read another VfV fic. again. Nothing can ever compare.
SOOO greatful Fate led me to look at that one picture on DA to find that link. Interesting, the links in the chain of destiny. But after all, no playing with dice and what not, right?
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ewigestudentinHobbyist Digital Artist
I finished reading the series just a few days ago... and then I jumped to the very first story and began reading all of them again! O.o The universe of love and unconditional acceptance peahopeless created for V and Evey is just impossible to turn your back to.
She doesn't seem to be online at all lately (so I am afraid there won't be more stories :( ), but from what I gathered she wrote all of the stories herself over quite a short period of time (what a feat, really!). She mentioned elsewhere that she created similar universes for other fandoms... apparently she used to be quite a prolific writer :)

I know it's hard to read V4V stories where V dies in the end, after having lived in peahopeless's universe for such a long time, but have you seen these ones yet?
[link] by QuiaVeritatis, and
[link] by theshadowcat?
But are very long and very in character. I keep revisiting Adagio, it's just so good. Shadows To A Song is a pre-Evey story mostly but has a couple of very satisfying Evey chapters in the end...
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^^ I'll look into those -IF!!! If you tell me this: do you mean that he dies at the end of 'em?
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OHMIGOSH 0u0 *hyperventilates*
It's you!!! You made me love Shakespeare, and mythology (especially the starry-kind)! And thank goodness too, because I have to learn about both this year in school. But now I'm looking forward to it!
I never think of violets, clovers&caterpillars, ravens&doves, chess, Juke boxes, the # 5, coincidences, love, or anything else the same way again! Yours is the absolute BEST THING I have EVER read, out of any other literature! And I just love how long it is.
Is it possible to change so much from reading a single fiction?
I guess it is. ^u^
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MiasmaMollieStudent Traditional Artist
May I offer a little critique?
You repeat words a lot in your writing, and you also use a lot of adverbs. I suggest revising those. You also have some issues with passive voice. I suggest you fix that.

Love, MiasmaMollie. :heart: