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Does anyone find the whole Myspace/LJ/Facebook/Bebo/whatever incredibly confusing? I have an LJ account from ages ago which I never use, signed up to Myspace maybe last year, the password to which I can't even remember now, and just signed up to Facebook to see what it's about... again I failed to see what people use it for. Some kind of online address book with photos? Looking at Myspace gives me unending headache. I feel so last generation O___O What do all you cool kids do on those things these days?! (also, I did buy an electric guitar :O) //edit// good god, I was doing random searches on Facebook and I actually found a LOT of people
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Wow look at that. I haven't updated my gallery for... 5 months?! First, an apology to the bunch of my private commissioners. I'm not going to abandon the artworks you already paid me for, however delayed they are. I think I have... 7 of them as of now, and even though I feel totally shite about my art now I'm quite happy with how a few of them are coming along. Sorry to the few who wrote to me about a commish, and I still receive new enquiries fequently, to those I replied yes, if you haven't paid, then I'd have to cancel... sorry sorry. :( Speaking of which, I really, REALLY am sick of the art I do now. I *think* I am improving, but not a
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thanks DA

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I was just reading the comments and I was amazed at how many more constructive critiques and *useful* comments I'm getting. Seems to be more than before, or is it just because I got more holes in my work now? Hahaha. Anyway, thanks to everyone who ever took the time to comment on my paintings, really appreciate it. :)
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Hi tried to leave a comment on your page but it wouldn't let me so wanted to say that I used your beautiful stock here - thanks so much

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I agree with the commenters below - please bring your art back! Better yet, add to it! 
I second Hitokiri's comment.
Are you planning on releasing any of your works from storage in the future? They're so pretty, its sad they're hidden!
That's true.
We want your arts back^^ :community:
Hey! why did you send the "tears won't fall" in deviant storage? that is a good picture!