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Antimatter With Love

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Nova, a deadly force of nature contained within the most endearing and lovable exterior.

This was a fan art request from a fellow Warframe player Velianuwa (Still not sure how to say that out-loud). Painted in photoshop with a pen and tablet. This picture came with many frustrations as I am still learning. But with a lot of determination I think it turned out alright and I feel the quality is a big improvement from anything I have made previously. You can expect more of these types of warframe pictures to come.

You get bonus points if you find the hidden kuria. I'm told that my choice of hiding place is too dastardly for the low resolution size, so viewing the full resolution download is recommended if you want to try. :P

I hope you have enjoyed looking at this picture and I thank you kindly for taking the time to visit!

p.s I'll update this space with a link to my blog post on this picture once I have written it.
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I LOVE it! :heart:
It's amazing, stunning, color palette of piece perfect, details straight on point. It really came out fantastic. I just can't find words to express the vibe I get from it. It's like the piece pulls you into the scene. You should be proud of this one because it is fantastic!
EDIT: plants in the background, textures of the trees... My mind is blown!

Also, nice place for hiding a Kuria!