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Ragnarok Online - Kraken Fight

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Finally I have completed this drawing from late June! I'm so proud of it, I actually drew a background and all! CC welcomed. Featuring, my RO Rebel character, Sven! Kraken has been his archenemy since way back. Sven kept getting frozen from its Storm Gust, and it was embarrassing. So, he got good, refined his rifle skills and shot that mf to the next dimension.
Background version: [link]


I'd also like to add in my long overdue review on Ragnarok Online, one of my all-time favourite games!
I started playing RO in the beta test days (circa 2003). After the official server decided to require payment to play, I stuck around for a bit but eventually quit. Then came the many private servers (or as I would rather call it: pirate servers), which I joined. Even after so long, I didn't try out official server because I assumed it was still pay to play, and that I imagined the in-game experience and drop rates would've been unbearable. I should've checked it out sooner, because turns out, things aren't so bad! This is gonna be the POV of Rebel player in iRO server.

Neat, clean and customisable! Sometimes dialogue boxes need to be rearranged upon each login, but other than that, it's ok and not cluttered. Would be nice too if I could delete quests instead of deactivating them only.

Some are simple and entertaining. I like that as the game updates, the story becomes more and more in-depth with better plots, dialogues and characters. (This doesn't include the terrible translation of pirate servers). I remember when it was all simple exploring and now we're tryna take down one of the biggest corporations ever. It got me so intrigued that I actually make fan arts of it.

I rate this easy and even kids can play it. (Though I wouldn't recommend that, as I had been "scammed" by older players in the past because I was a dumb lil kid, lol). Rebel's one of the most stylish classes with cool badass poses. Maybe some could look even more grand, but eh not too bad. Also they have cute pet system: different pets, different buffs. Hodremlin is my favourite, but I've yet to get that in this server.

Map designs are pretty, even though they're "pixels". Prontera Palace is so lit now, compared to back then. The characters sprite designs are as weird as ever, but memorable. Lol. I love the Rebellion uniform. The art for the NPCs are actually what drew me in to the game in the first place. But they changed artists along the way and now some are good, some just aren't to my liking. However, the ones like in Terra Gloria episode have quite good amount of detail and finishing to them.

Can't really complain because game's gotta make money somehow, right? The costumes are very tempting. Prices seem okay. I just wish that not all of the items require you to pay. Some more basic ones like Rideword Hat and Robo Eyes, for example, could have been made into a quest instead. Being Rebel, those are like my starter gears, so it's a little tough.

This is one of those games that I find myself going back to from time-to-time. It's quite heavy in story (which makes it fun to read) and a grinding game, but also therapeutic sometimes (I mean, if you're into farming like me, lol). You don't exactly need to pay to play it and sometimes things in there do look overwhelming, but it's definitely more fun with friends!

P/S: If anybody has iRO already, hit me up, my name's Sven Mq.
Rifle texture: [link], all others are mine + Medibang
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PrinceOfFireHobbyist WriterFeatured

Very cool colours and details. I like the theme as well.

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PeachyProtist Digital Artist

Thank ya!!

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PrinceOfFireHobbyist Writer

You're welcome. :)

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Wahseh damn cool. I will never forget my first time fighting the Kraken alongside you. u_u

I like the Kraken eyes... It look is like a squishy with Sticky Mucus inside. Kraken itself looks so shiny and slipperyyy

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PeachyProtist Digital Artist

Now when I think about it, if Kraken is so used to be this deep in the sea, we shoulda just take it out to the top and it might die from pressure differences.


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snowbloroneHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

I really like the angle this is at. How you textured everything is fantastic - I like the little details that went into giving everything texture. The floor and tentacles especially look like they couldn't have been easy, but it looks amazing and well worth that effort!

I will say your art for RO makes me wish it was something I'd pick up.

._. unfortunately, I'm already stretched thin and beyond horrible at time management. If I picked this up, I feel like I'd be evicted.

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PeachyProtist Digital Artist

Thank ya! The way the game looks always has those simple details of textures and I just had to try to emulate it! :XD:

Ikr. And also there have been many times I did quick calculation of how much those in-game stuff would be and I'm way too close to buying em. I keep telling myself , no not yet, the time will come, lol

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snowbloroneHobbyist Digital Artist

Emulation: successful!

the game I do play the most atm has a /played where you type it in and you can see how many days/hours/minutes you've played on that character. It's been a hot minute, but I remember going "OH NO" when I saw my played on my primary character about a year ago.

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PeachyProtist Digital Artist


Hahahaha but ya know, some games are just so good you stick to it forever :XD:

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