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Whitewashed by 0Gutter-Glitter
hjort by collien
yellow by la-child
People and Portraits
eastern hills by ankazhuravleva
wiosna by Malika117
morze by Malika117
Smoke by Hayleigh-Rose
No Faces
. by invisigoth88
The stripe by tuminka
Cemetery poem by invisigoth88
Remember II by invisigoth88
Animals and Insects
Wanderer by PiecesOfAnsley
Look at this guy, yuck! by Iskaeldt
Pigeons by Svetlanadeviant
Suri by Wolfskuss
Untitled by IrinaJoanne
The chair reached with memory to the forest III by RapidHeartMovement
Flowers Heaven by Ikarusthefirst
IMG 7086web by IlonaShevchishina
Pink Vanilla Key Lime Mallow Cones by theresahelmer
Taste of summer by JunnyPhotography
Origami by Nevadda
[1] The tool is not the only thing that matters by starg691
le deluge by SourireNoir91
Growth by CherishKay
Seduction by CohenRon
I can hardly wait... by ivadesign
Postcard from spring by invisigoth88
Efflorescence... by Ikonokl4st
day thirty by ashfallenstudios
Landscape and Places
stormy days make for good pictures  by mollyxtc
Green World. by MateuszPisarski
Mt. Hood by CyclicalCore
Lightfox by Yesterdawn
underground love by SirShadowMan by AlmAArietis
Prom by Britt0709
this river is wild by Rinksy
Macro and Close Up
Water Elemental by MateuszPisarski
Porst Lucky 1969 by 1darkstar1
Silence by Floreina-Photography


One of our affiliated groups is having a 'Squared' challenge; follow the link if you'd
like to participate.



I've yet to find anyone interested in helping me run the group...
Help is greatly needed and appreciated. I have a 3 year old and a new
little one on the way so I'm not as active on here as I use to be.
I'd like to get this group to the top of DA groups... but I will
definitely need help to do that.

Would you like to help run PeachyPhoto?
I'm looking for some admins.
Two or three members that are quite active on DeviantArt
You will help me decide on what art is accepted or declined.
What your job will be;
You'll need to invite at least 50 artist to join PeachyPhoto per week.
You will help decide what is accepted and what is declined.
You will help decide themes for contests.
Move art that was submitted into the wrong category.
Give feedback to members whos art was declined when asked.
I'll be making a critique folder where you'll be required to give critiques to art submitted to the folder.

If you're interested send a note.
In the note I would like you to do/answer the following;


Thumb of your favorite Deviation:

Thumb of a photo that you would accept into the group:
Explanation on why you would accept this photo:

Thumb of a photo with minor flaws that you would decline:
Explanation on why you would decline this photo:

Thumb of a photo that you would decline:
Explanation on why you would decline this photo:

Thanks in advance!
You guys are awesome!
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PeachyPhoto; What You Should Know

Group icon photo by laura-makabresku

Donate To Become Super --> The-Exs-And-The-Ohs

Welcome to PeachyPhoto


If we denied your submission the first time, it'll only be denied again the second time, third time & every other time you submit it.

All choices of accepting or declining an image submitted to the group are made by personal preference and quality of your image.

We are collecting the best, not just anything.

:bulletwhite: Five submissions per folder, per week, per member.
:bulletwhite: Quality over quantity.
:bulletwhite: Submissions are subject to vote, you need two votes.
:bulletwhite: Work must be done of you or by you.
:bulletwhite: Photography is the only medium we accept.
:bulletwhite: We do accept some manips. that aren't overly manipulated.
:bulletwhite: Be sure to place your submissions into the correct folder.
*Note: We have the right to decline your image if it is not of quality.

We are looking for a specific type of art for this group, if your deviation isn't accepted then take a look at the gallery to get a better look at what it is we are looking for in this group. :]

How To Join:

Click on the "Join Our Group" button & then send, you will be automatically accepted into the group.

How To Submit:

Click the "Contribute Art" icon on the top of the front page, choose which deviation you would like to submit, and choose the category you would like to submit it to, your choices will be shown on the top left of the submission page. Be sure your submission is in the correct place. Once your photo has been submitted we will decide if it is accepted or declined.

Gallery Folders:
As they appear in the gallery.

Featured - Contest winners photos will be moved to this folder, along with other photos that we decide deserve to be in the featured folder.

People & Portraits. - The People & Portrait folder is for photography with the focus being of a human.

No Faces - The No Faces folder is for photography of people without their face in the photo. Bellow the waist, just hands, feet etc. etc.

Animals & Insects - The Animals & Insect folder is for your animal and insect photography.

Monochrome - The Monochrome folder is for your monochrome photography, portrait, landscape, macro, and any other photo that is monochrome.

Colorful - Anything really colorful should go into this folder.

Diptych - The Dypstitch folder is for your deviations that are actually two pictures put together to make one.

Flowers - The Flowers folder is for your pictures of flowers.

Landscape & Places - The Landscape & Places folder is for your Landscape and Places photography.

Love - The Love folder is for your photography that has to do with love.

Macro & Close Up- The Macro & Close Up folder is for artistic close up photography.

Miscellaneous - The Miscellaneous folder is for your work that doesn't seem to fit into one of the above categories.

Nature - The Nature folder is for your photography of nature. Trees, plants, sky, etc. etc.


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