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Half-Elf Warpriest of Pelor

By peachyco
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A male half-elf warpriest of Pelor, seen here to be standing near his shield and sword. A sketch of a D&D Essentials character.

Penciled and inked on an A4 sheet, then scanned and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop.
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Quality work; intricate detail and shading. I'll admit that I have borrowed this for my Half-Elf Cleric of Meilikki for Campaign in the Forgotten Realms. The embossing on the shield and clothing even work for the story I'm building.

Additional confession: I shopped out the sword, cause the character doesn't have the proficiency. Sorry.
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I recently uploaded a picture of an edit on this where I shopped to color it in. Just to use the picture as a character photo for a Pathfinder game i have been playing. I hope you like how i personalized it!
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Do you do commissions? I'm using this one for my Half-elf Male Chaladin and am interested in seeing it colored.
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I do commissions, sure, but only for the line art. I still don't trust my coloring skills - I'm still like a kid with a crayon when it comes to that. ^_^

Sorry about the late reply. Life just went and caught up with me.
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That's a hybrid of Templar and Seeker armor. But I afgree, those look really cool and looks great as heavy armor on a slender elf.
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His armour was inspired by the Templar armour in Dragon Age 2. The Seeker resemblance was completely accidental, however, as I only learned of the Seeker armour designs after I finished this elf. ^__^
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I love the details on his armor, his shield and his sword. :)
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Thank you for your appreciation! ^__^
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You're welcome. :aww:
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